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Outdoor sports can exercise a beautiful muscle

by:Foerstine     2020-04-26
exercise can exercise the muscles of the beautiful time: 2011 - 08 - 23 < P> if the weather is good, the sun is shining, that we don't stay in the gym, we should go out and take part in more outdoor camping goods activities, if you don't exercise regularly, the muscles will rapidly disappearing like ice in the summer. People thought that only to make beautiful muscle exercise in the gym, but outside will be more easier and easier. < / P> < P> if you can exercise, on some friends that you will feel more spirit. Find a partner to exercise more challenges, what are you waiting for, exercise together. < / P> < P> in order to safe and efficient, we'd better every action is a set of 8 to 12 times, especially to make an exception. Before each exercise must do warm-up exercise 5 to 10 minutes. Do sports protective measures, < / P> < P> a, carts push-ups < / P> < P> this exercise than practice is significant to the effect of a person. Exercise you have to really tighten abdominal and hip and also keep your body in a straight line. < / P> < P> since general push-ups movements, his hands and back remains level. Let fellow standing behind you lift up your legs, like pushing a wheelbarrow. When she raised you, tighten the hips and abdomen, body don't droop. After the stability, curve elbow lower body, until your upper arm and parallel to the ground, stay for a second, and then back to the original position. < / P> < P> 2, branches pull-ups < / P> < P> pull-ups is very difficult to do. But if there is a friend to help, even women can easily make the action and make the waist muscle workout. Both hands grasp branches, two arms and shoulder are the same as wide, palms facing you. Knee, two legs crossed. Head up slightly and clamping the shoulder, elbow. Companions will hold below your knees. Arm pull upward, hard body up as much as possible. Stay for a second, and then back to the original position. < / P> < P> 3, knee point to < / P> < P> if you have a friend with you do this exercise, you will feel relaxed a lot of. Back close to the edge of the park bench, with his hands to catch the stool. And then made the action of walking, just above the knee to the ankle. Raise right leg first, but once his right foot heel to landing, right leg bent. Body elbow bend of the back, but the forearm to the vertical, the whole body fall at the same time to tighten abdominal toward the direction of the chest and tried to lift his right knee. Maintain a second elbow bend not more than 90 degrees, back to the original position, but remember, don't hit the right foot and then continue to action. Each leg do action for a group of six times in a row. < / P> < P> 4, foot to foot to ride a bicycle < / P> < P> two feet, this campaign is to exercise abdominal muscle is very effective. Keep legs bent, your feet on the ground, lie on the grass, and foot to foot off the ground with your partner, two leg vertical, the calf is parallel to the ground. Tighten up the abdomen, raised his head and shoulders off the ground. When your body up, accept the direction of the right knee to the chest, unbend left leg at the same time. Stay for a second, back to the original position, in the opposite direction. < / P> < P> 5, cooperation row < / P> < P> this movement can exercise your upper back muscles, but also strengthen the companion's torso muscles. Let your partner lie on the grass, forearm and tiptoe in balance. You straight back, knee cannot exceed toes, squatted down to seize the companion's legs on his waist position, knees slightly bent, arms on your side. This is the initial action. Do you want to keep your back straight, abdomen is tightened, the elbow against his body, clamping shoulder lift your companion's legs. Your partner should be straight and lower body, at the same time keep in a straight line. When you lift company legs, she should have a shaft shoulder movement. Stay for a second, and then back to the original position. < / P> < P> 6, legs into bridge < / P> < P> when you use two feet together with your partner and do exercise, quadriceps get special exercise. Keep legs bent, your feet on the ground, lie on the grass, let your right heel companion's left foot. Two people together toward the sky in the direction of the leg. Tighten the hips, the waist to leave the ground, a straight line from the knee to the shoulder. Keep a seconds, then slowly down. Repeat, and switch legs. < / P>
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