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Outdoor skills spread: the importance of knotting and structure

by:Foerstine     2020-05-04
skills spread: the importance of knotting and constructing time: 2011 - 09 - Article 29 < P> suppose we first take a moderate length of rope. In the wild, just depend on which a rope can become 'magic ropes'. Whether as a clotheshorse, items, sorting, packaging, camping, spare LACES or road when the flag, and so on, such as fine processing, should be able to use in a variety of purposes. Therefore, we must understand the hidden the infinite possibilities of the rope knotting method. Any one in good help. < / P> < P> it's a pity, as if there were a few people do not use the knot. Maybe some hiking or camping will say: 'even if all don't understand knotting, also won't have any inconvenience! 'Indeed, even if don't understand the knot is still can hiking, camping. Able to operate freely, however, a rope, double can enjoy the pleasure of activity. What is more, when in an emergency, it played a great effect. < / P> < P> we can say, in the ever-changing nature, outdoor camping goods activities, is a kind of creative is to rely on their own to create out of the world. Here, knotting method is one of the technology of integrality. < / P> < P> but contrary to the fact that the general public has collected all the latest information about outdoor activities, but only one by one according to the so-called 'to make your outdoor activities more interesting ways to do what a primer, neither your creative nor flexible use. The encounter is not in the book, then call the day should not be called to block. This is not the wild life, but the wild lifestyle. < / P> < P> now climbing supplies store display of mountaineering and ordinary ropes, are almost made of nylon braided rope. This kind of rope, it is by the formation of the core of the core package on the skin. The skin and core heart is made of nylon materials. Accompanied by the way, if have a diameter of 5 mm nylon silks braided rope, cut it open, will show a white, in the middle the godson. The heart is the core of four three layers of ropes rub. Even so, a core in the heart of the rope by four three layers of woven rope, but not to rub them together, but they are tied for lined up outside and skin. < / P> < P> so, one of the core is composed of sub line lay, and the line is made from dozens of root of plant fiber. < / P> < P> before use rope, understand the structure of the rope is absolutely have to do nothing. If you have a standard of nylon rope, should also be able to cut it and have a look. 'Ah! So, it's structure is like this. 'And a little experience. < / P> < P> in general, the preparation of nylon material rope than twist as full of flexibility, and has the characteristic of charge easily. Size and type of color is numerous, the price also cheap. Now in the field of the ropes, it seems that no one can is better than it. < / P>
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