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Outdoor skills: outdoor activities meet the dog

by:Foerstine     2020-05-04
skills: time to meet to dogs do outdoor camping goods activities: 2012 - 01 - 12 source: author: outdoor tent outdoor skills < p> in the outdoor dog has threat to cyclists. Some people carry pepper, others use drive dogs. I won't do that. I could shave her legs, wearing tights, I am willing to try to maintain lightsome body, but I can use their own strength, to own a place in the food chain. < / p> < p> < br /> so, go out to ride a bike next time, if we get another dog want to make your lunch, remember my advice. ( tents] < / p> < p> < br /> don't panic. It is a principle of safe riding headlines, meet the dog is still valid. Even if only you a person, also don't swerve. Several times, I nearly hit by a car in order to avoid a dog. < / p> < p> < br /> run will give dog a message: it is a predator and you are its prey. Flee also encourages the dog chase you. As they say, dogs can smell fear. ( Camping tents] < / p> < p> < br />. A dog than a car more difficult to predict, but far less dangerous degree. Most dogs may run side by side with you, slowly near. But the dog will bark only commonly, do not bite. The real danger is that too brave or too stupid dog, directly to jump in front of you. < / p> < p> < br /> just like other dangerous road, near the fierce dog before, had better look at passing vehicles. In addition, this kind of things like clusters, if you see one, there must be some around. < / p> < p> < br /> to identify its prey. A few people ride, fierce dogs always along the side of the road chasing the leader. If you are the leader, summon up courage, not brake. If you are not a leader, with some distance between front, take out your camera. < / p> < p> < br /> yong as the aggressor. The dog belongs to a kind of can see your way. Take this as your advantage. Because you can't scare the road potholes and rocks, but away fierce dogs is over them, aggressive, a tooth for a tooth. ( tents] < / p> < p> < br /> to stand up, forming overwhelming momentum. When the dog is near, the suddenly turned to them. Yes, his fierce dogs, but not to hit the poor creature, just send a message to them. And then is my favorite part - — The dog called loudly. This recruit, and quite interesting. < / p> < p> < br /> use water kettle also works. But to do that might upset some unreasonable master. ( tents] < / p> < p> < br /> warning drivers, cyclists have seen too many animals were killed. Let us try their best to don't let the dog also death list. Every time when I have a motor vehicle near made the 'slowdown' gesture, and dogs are beside the point. < / p> < p> < / p> < p> outdoor skills: outdoor camping goods activities, meet the dog to do < br /> tags: outdoor skills, outdoor activities, I met a dog < / p>
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