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Outdoor skiing do not wear contact lenses

by:Foerstine     2020-05-02
Time for outdoor skiing do not wear contact lenses: 2012 - 01 - 17 source: outdoor author: outdoor camping goods sports < p> alpine skiing is a very exciting in the outdoor sports, skiing before I know some essential common sense is very important. < / p> < p> the first, we should carefully understand ski slope height, width, length, and direction. Due to the alpine skiing is a sport in high speed in the sports, it seems far away to the blink eyes, you don't understand the status of the ski, glide once appear in unexpected was too late to respond, it is especially important for beginners. < br /> < br /> second, understand the ski lifts, open time, do not ride in the absence of personnel guards, because at that time, it is likely to be the staff take the ropeway from work, after workers arrived at the station, ropeway namely stop running, if you were hanging in the air at night, frostbite accident probability is very high. ( tents] < br /> < br /> third, want to choose to suit your ski trails according to their own level, must not overestimate their own level, and rashly, step by step, it is best to please a ski instructor. < br /> < br /> 4, if front of the unknown in the slide, or feel ski equipment when there is abnormal, should stop to check, do not risk. < br /> < br /> 5, slide on the companion, [ Camping tents] Must distance between each other, must not sharply downhill for chasing companions, so it is easy to fall or collision with others, for beginners this accident easily. < br /> < br /> 6, to stop on the way to rest on the edge of a skating, can't stop under the steep slope, and pay attention to the skier slide down from above. < br /> < br /> 7, taxi if out of control in the fall, should quickly lower center of gravity, to sit down, don't struggle, can lift the limbs, bow down, let it slide down. Want to avoid upside down, should absolutely avoid back more. < br /> < br /> 8, poor eyesight skiers, ski, don't wear contact lenses if contact lenses fall after the fall, to find the possibility of almost non-existent. Always wear a frame made by resin lens glasses, it is not easy to fracture after the hit. ( Tent] < / p> < p> outdoor skiing do not wear contact lenses < br /> tags: outdoor sports, skiing and outdoor glasses < br /> < / p>
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