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Outdoor ski trips up also is to have cultured

by:Foerstine     2020-05-02
ski trips up also is to have cultured time: 2011 - 11 - Source: 21 tent author: < p> the winter outdoor camping goods tents, skiing is also gradually more people, because skiing sports injuries caused by also on the rise. People wanted to have fun in the snow, but because of the sports injuries swept xing, is some do more harm than good. < / p> < p> the first: because skiers speed out of control, stop and hit someone on ski slopes, cause the body exposed parts of the scratch, such as the face; The second: < / p> < p> is not adapt to the long skis, skiers in the process of marching or fall easy cause knee, ankle joint sprain; Third: < / p> < p> skiers in falls down the body to the sat, to hold to, with my hands subconsciously poke injury caused by the wrist, shoulder, etc; < / p> < p> 4: as the trail ups and downs, skiers body when in a pit or bake out of control, upper body in the back, legs before sitting on the ground, cause lumbar sprain. '< / p> < p> according to the above of the ski sports injury, the skier, especially beginners it is important to note that the following three points: < / p> < p> the first: appropriate adjust the holder. Is the role of skis on holder snow shoes with skis fixed, the fixed strength have points of size. General professional competitive strength of athletes will be very big, so the skis will not fall off in the high speed skiing, but beginners should pay attention to the decrease of strength of will, in this way, the skis will automatically fall off after fall, will not cause harm to human body. If his master is bad condition 'unfinished', be sure to please ski resorts professional coaches for help. The second: < / p> < p> warm-up is necessary. Before put on skis, be sure to the neck, shoulder, waist, knee, hip and ankle joint activities fully open. Skiing is there is a risk of movement, is not warm up of her body is not responsible for, also easy to ski field damage. < / p> < p> the third: learn to fall right action. In the ski resort, the top is not literally fell, to master the correct actions to minimize injury rates. < / p> < p> skiing exercises the effect is very good to the body, but at the same time, if their coordination, power, endurance and strength is good, also can better promote skiing, thereby reducing the occurrence of sports injury. In fact, there are many ways to exercise at ordinary times < / p> < p>, for example, can exercise the coordination of the body, by skipping land imitation training to familiar with the basic behavioral essentials of skiing, do more jump, squat leg strength can be effectively improved. Anyhow, skiing is the combination of strength and sports, people can choose according to their own weaknesses and be fond of exercise. < / p>
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