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Outdoor shrub through knowledge sharing

by:Foerstine     2020-05-02
shrub through knowledge sharing time: 2011 - 10 - Source: 18 tent author: < p> shrub make outdoor tent hiking become dangerous and difficult. Shrub cover over a cliff, boulders, canyons, harm danger; And bush is a rope trap. < / p> < p> shrub growth in the wet zone, low latitudes, treeless and subalpine zone. Often transform river river adverse tree growth, is suitable for dense shrubbery. Erosional valley in winter avalanche blowing, shrubs, all was white snow cover, but summer arrived, his head out unscathed, immediately spit out buds. < / p> < p> the climber like lim or open ling line than young. Lim thick branches and leaves covered the sun, inhibit the growth of filling and ling ling. But the young in the bushes can be seen everywhere. Forest fires, storms, or logging and destroy forest resurrected again in the thick bushes will grow, grow up to seven meters high is the most difficult. < / p> < p> the wind blow down the trees, avalanche, alluvial fan, garbage, harder and logging. These at sixes and sevens stuff can make speed slow like a worm, the pupil in a best route. Her thick cedar clings to the cliffs and rocks, forming another obstacle. < / p> < p> if the fight and shrubbery, the following measures can decrease the difficulty. Must find the shortest path through the bushes. Walking on the long, straight down wood. Push and pull open shrubs, lower branches with the feet trample, climbs the high lift and branches in order to pass. Meet with steep terrain, strong branches as a gripper. < / p> < p> consider buried in snow shrub of season to travel. Some of them may covered with ice and snow, is very easy, but a melting snow in July, the inner impassable. < / p> < p> avoid avalanche route to climb. Long valley best go south or west slope, slope avalanches in low frequency. Valley of climbing wall, should be through the two avalanche route between the trees. < / p> < p> target forests, because in a relatively sparse tree shrub. < / p> < p> walk on gravel or cx, don't go near the bushes. < / p> < p> look for hunting. Animals often find the best way. < / p> < p> choose product line or tribe to walk, dry and no bushes, and the stream bottom often filled with shrubs. < / p> < p> if stream side full of shrubs, please reconnaissance on the other side is relatively easy. < / p> < p> if a line parallel to the streams, consider directly into the river. Creek bed in the bush may pile formed in the tunnel, easy to walk, but it must be wading. Dry creek bed is ideal, but in the deep valley, stream could be formed by a fallen tree blocking or waterfall. < / p> < p> if a line parallel to the valley, consider climbing forest product line or directly, route choice is higher than shrub. < / p> < p> if there is a cliff on both sides of the valley, walking at the foot of the cliffs; Tend to form a smooth and broad corridor under the cliff. < / p>
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