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Outdoor required, how to quickly receive Foerstine outdoor sleeping bags _ nanjing

by:Foerstine     2020-04-29
When receiving after the outdoor camping goods camping, sleeping bags, can be the first bag furl, squeeze out most of the air; Spread the sleeping bag again, starting from the tail will be camping sleeping bag irregularly in the compression bag. 。 This is not only beneficial to fold when not bloated, but also for maintenance down sleeping bag also played a role. In furl way is not recommended in the compression bag, because of long-term regular volume can make sleeping face cloth because of uneven force and accelerated aging. But if the weather is very wet on the way, the other down sleeping bag fabric with waterproof or water resistant, please put the sleeping bag sealed in plastic bags, to avoid the damp air into the sleeping bag. It is best to use the bag first, it is not easily affected by environmental climate, will not damage its scale. The rolled down pressure a sleeping bag with both hands, then put sleeping bags on the belt fasten. Such a huge down sleeping bag, became our backpack on a small bundle of blankets. This way of folding, can save the biggest receive a space. After all, when we trek outdoors outdoor camping goods equipment and volume of the weight, the less the better. In addition to remind everyone: timely to the sleeping bag you loosen, store sleeping bags in natural state, Avoid light hanging or into storage bags flat) And keep sleeping bag filling of fibers, flexible due volume, to ensure good heat preservation performance.
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