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Outdoor picnic, matters needing attention

by:Foerstine     2020-04-25
Time for outdoor picnic, matters needing attention: 2013 - 04 - 26 from the hustle and bustle of the city, breathing the fresh air, and they sit on the floor, eat prepared food, watched the around the charming scenery, laughing. . . the harmonious scene happiness, how long have you felt? Foer sting told you five points for attention, let you easily enjoy outdoor picnic! Items < br /> < br /> a: shoes clothes choose < br /> outdoor well-dressed is waterproof, windproof, warm, breathable, and clothes wear resistance is required. Charge quick-drying, clothing, pants is the most appropriate outfit. Fashion advice: thin dust coat + T-shirt + quick-drying pants, shoe to choose light and comfortable outdoor shoes or casual shoes. < br /> < br /> item 2: equipment choose < br /> first take a look at this picnic equipment list: tents, awning, picnic mat, ice bag, picnic basket, picnic clip, set of boiler, stove, cabinets, barbecue table, dining tables, folding furniture, tables and chairs, etc. Equipment before the choose and buy, first look at the Numbers, three people around picnic, adhere to the principle of light and comfortable to choose equipment. < br /> make sure good number, then according to the picnic site selection, suburb for a picnic in the park, be sure to bring a picnic mat, when outdoor camping goods picnic mat of choose and buy, should pay attention to cushion the moistureproof property, after folding and is convenient and easy to carry. If the drive go to the city around scenic spot, or less populated for a picnic in the grassland, mountain forest, portable equipment adheres to the principle of complete comfort. Picnic bags, tents, tables and chairs, picnic mat, burn oven and so on to take all, time is enough, can also bring a deck chair, folding hammock, outdoor recreational equipment. < br /> three matters: location < br /> the picnic site adhere to the principle: since it is a picnic, 'wild' first of all, the key is, must choose in the beautiful scenery, or stream, or at the foot of the mountain, must be smooth, clean, open, sheltered places, even as far as possible to ensure there is plenty of water, choosing a shade to avoid the bird's nest, honeycomb, etc. < br /> in the case of transport equipment co. , LTD. , the picnic site can choose in the outskirts of the park. In the open, plant density, choose a smooth, clean the lawn, leisurely enjoy leisure time. < br /> for drive family, picnic site selection is particularly rich, can even farther scenic areas to the cities. Not only can enjoy the breath of nature, but also can cook more delicious food that you want. In terms of water, the beach, the meadow is a great place for a picnic, in addition to the picnic, still can fly a kite, kids can play with sand, etc. Cars, however, had better not to go to the beach, in order to avoid car. In addition, took the kids to go on a picnic, recommend carrying foer sting series launched a series of children's tent, the tent designed for children, security, dream, portable, easy to carry, very popular among young friends are. < br /> < br /> item 4: < br /> the picnic food before you fully understand everyone's appetite and tastes. Special note: because the picnic meal time is longer, the demand of food was a little more than normally. < br /> try to choose fresh food, such as Onions, asparagus, celery, etc. , make salad, no matter what you choose vegetables, all bring sauce to the scene and then into the food as far as possible, so that we can greatly improve the dishes outlook. Advance half processed foods, such as meat marinated in advance, vegetables, fruit, clean cut ahead of schedule, like to drink soup, also want to advance good stewing, picnic in direct heating, both health and save time, so the rest of the time can enjoy the nature. < br /> carry food had better be easy cutting and preparation, such as salad, ham, smoked fish, are easy to carry and delicious food for a picnic. In addition, eating out of fresh fruit and adequate and clean drinking water is essential. Drink best is given priority to with canned beverages, if interested in drinking, sparkling wine or champagne is a good choice. < br /> item 5: other < br /> you know, the picnic is an outdoor leisure activities, it brings, is not just looking for a big meal so simple natural environment, or a chance to communicate with family and friends feelings. Packing the picnic things cannot careless, grab a waste to the newspaper, or physically scraped off the old magazines pages down, this is very health. Old newspaper residues have toxic substances such as benzene, xylene or its derivatives, when the burden reaches 0. 5 - 2 g can cause poisoning. In addition, bacteria also quite a few old newspaper, easy to contaminated food. Never eat wild mushrooms, in the process of picnic poisoning caused by eating poisonous mushrooms are not rare, if severe poisoning, processing is not in time can lead to death. Generally speaking, all colors, with milky juice more most poisonous mushrooms. < br /> the last and most important, a picnic in the process of food particles and should not arbitrarily discarded trash, to bring your own bags, don't leave a piece of junk. Like a picnic, take good care of the environment.
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