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by:Foerstine     2020-05-04
photography time: 2011 08 - 09 < P> the so-called zoom effects is made pictures effect seems to be the object in motion to you or far away from you, and will drag the line of movement. < / P> < P> here we can through a variety of ways to achieve such an effect, some of which are to be taken when a certain skill to implement, some of it is by means of the effect in the post-processing technics of zoom blur to deal with it. Here, we will not discuss the post-processing techniques, we only focus on the skill of filming. < / P> < P> if you want to get this effect, the most basic, should be taken when setting a slower shutter speed, to ensure that the exposure time long enough, so you have a chance in the exposure time use your zoom lens push objects close or far. < / P> < P> this is needed to want to take pictures of the zoom effects the most fundamental thing, but in actual, want to get the photos with better effect, need to make a connection and test, maybe you need a little bit of luck. < / P> < P> the following a few photography tips, maybe can help you to improve your photography: < / P> < P> a, be sure to keep stable good camera < / P> < P> because you need to use a slower shutter speed, any camera shake can be great damage to shooting results. You want to get is the movement of the zoom effect, so any of the left and right sides, top and bottom of camera shake can zoom in the picture the line is not smooth and flat. Of course, a shaking of the camera may add some interesting effects to pictures, but may also make photos too fuzzy. In order to minimize camera shake, it is recommended to use a tripod, or place the camera on a stationary platform. < / P> < P> 2, under low light environment < / P> < P> when making a long exposure, one of the biggest problem is that there will be so much light into the camera. You can set the camera, using a smaller aperture to photograph. But in the bright scenario, may be on the premise of not make picture exposure, you still can't get enough long exposure time. So if in the weak light environment, more conducive to obtain zoom effects. < / P> < P> and photographs of interesting of the three light < / P> < P> for zoom effects, the most popular film theme is probably is light, whether in the city of lights, Christmas festival of lights, neon lights, or other. These are used to good place to practice zoom special skills, and use the material you can make quite spectacular effect. < / P> < P> 4, artificial mobile camera < / P> < P> if you don't have a zoom lens or your camera can't change the focal length when are exposed, so to get a zoom effects, you can manually move the camera, the object is far from or close to your subject. Of course, this can lead to a shaking of the camera, but if you have any luck technology advanced enough, or enough, or may get a beautiful picture. < / P> < P> 5, select the appropriate exposure time < / P> < P> when you choose a shutter speed, you know, without a fixed shutter speed value can meet the requirements of all cases. The strength of the light and the speed of the zoom factor will affect the choice of the shutter speed. Usually, I will use 1 seconds or even longer to shoot, this time in general enough to make you put your zoom lens from one end of the twist to the other end. The key is, want oneself to experiment, using different shutter speed, and see what kind of effect is best. < / P> < P> 6, continuous smooth zoom < / P> < P> want to get a picture of smooth the movement of the line, you need to have a good practice continuous smooth zoom. That is to say, you would not be in the process of zoom fast slow, this will make your picture of a line is a little move and stop. Through practice is needed to achieve smooth zoom level. < / P> < P> 7, suspended in the process of zoom < / P> < P> this is another test of skill, you can at the end of the zoom to start, or pause in the process of zoom zoom. This would mean that the camera for the pause point for longer periods of time, is also much greater exposure, and finally in this moment also can appear more clearly in the photo. < / P> < P> eight, using flash < / P> < P> this is can be used to zoom effects of another tip. You can use any lights to achieve this effect, but the most common clearly or flash. In the process of long exposure time flash, you'll be able to that part of the picture of solidification, but was ablaze, is still behind and around the theme of the zoom effects. Some cameras in night mode support this feature. Nine sun line of outdoor camping goods photography, reverse zoom < / P> < P> the telephoto end of the zoom to a wide-angle side with the wide end of the zoom to telephoto end effect is distinct, especially when you shoot objects in movement, or when you zoom the beginning or end of the suspension. All kinds of effects are worthwhile. < / P> < P> 10, only use part of the focal length < / P> < P> some of the lens with a wide focal length, such as 18 200mm。 Use this lens to zoom effects, if has been changed to 200 from the 18 end end, can effect is a bit too exaggerated. If you only use part of the lens focal length for zoom, such as from 28 to 100 end, or side change to 200 and 80, and even smaller focal length, you may instead would be more effective. < / P>
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