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Outdoor mountain the matters needing attention when walking

by:Foerstine     2020-05-17
Outdoor mountain the matters needing attention when walking time: 2011 - 09 - 07 < P> in the mountain, it is easy to get lost, in order to avoid getting lost, save energy, improve the travel speed, should be in line with over there is a road without wearing forest mountain, don't walk path with avenue. In no way according to the facts, can choose in longitudinal mountain ridge and the ridge, on the edge of the mountainside, rivers, streams, and the gap is big, tree height, thin, Lin grass low hydrophobic terrain. < / P> < P> don't go deep deep ravine and lush grass, bamboo rattan weaving, so don't go walking beam groove, longitudinal don't walk cross. Travel in addition to stride length increase, trotted two-step, dozens of kilometers down, can take many less steps, save a lot of energy. When tired, should relax slow as a rest, and don't stop, stand for one minute, slow can out of dozens of meters. < / P> < P> mountain walking on the way, often will encounter all sorts of rock slope and cliffs. Therefore, climbing rocks are the basic skills of mountaineering. Before climbing rocks, respond to a detailed observation of rock, carefully identify the quality and degree of weathering of the rock, and then determine the direction and through the route of the climb. Climbing rocks is the most basic method, a method called 'three fixed' request climbers can do well with hands and feet. < / P> < P> hands one foot or both feet after a fixed, mobile other again a bit, make the body center of gravity gradually rise. When using this method, want to jump on the channeling prevention and rapid, and avoid moving at the same time, the two points and be sure to stability, light and fast, according to their own situation, choose the most suitable distance and solid fulcrum, don't cross step and grab, push too far. < / P> < P> the slope and rock slope are the mountains of the most widely distributed a terrain. Especially the mountain at an altitude of 3000 meters, in addition to the cliffs, almost are mostly the slope and rock slope. The climb 30 degrees slope, along a straight line up. < / P> < P> the body slightly forward, the soles of your feet on the ground, knees bent, feet outside the figure eight, don't move too fast. When the slope is more than 30 degrees, the more difficult to climb in this way. Climbing such a rock slope should be taken to rise method 'of' glyph. In accordance with the 'of' glyph route on the transverse oblique. When climbing, legs slightly curved, leans forward, on the inside of the toe forward, all the soles of your feet on the ground, the lateral toe slightly outward. Through the slope, be careful not to scratch of climbing trees and grass, so as not to pull off fall. < / P> < P> on rock slope, it is important to pay special attention to the feet to the steadfast, lift to the light, lest gravel rolling. In march will accidentally slip, shall be immediately for slopes, with open arms, two legs unbend, make the body center of gravity is as far as possible move up, to reduce sliding speed. You can try to seek climb in the slide guide and support. Instead, don't sit facing out, because it not only can slide faster, and also easy to roll on a steep slope. < / P>
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