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Outdoor little knowledge: outdoor three water purification way safe drinking water

by:Foerstine     2020-05-06
little knowledge: outdoor camping goods three water purification way safe drinking water time: 2011 - 08 - < P> 25 wild water can't drink it, each people have each person different ideas. Some people think that the field of no pollution, drank also is ok. < / P> < P> however, we are hoping to place such amateurs, that also can have what the real place without pollution? But even no pollution, and is not representative of the water, there is no virus, bacteria, or a variety of harmful substances. In situations where conditions permit, can deal with a drink or the best. < / P> < P> way of water treatment, mainly to boil, water purification and drug and filters < / P> < P> a, boil water < / P> < P> this is the most practical outdoor camping goods, also is the most effective means. Faults is a waste of fuel, and relatively time-consuming. < / P> < P> 2, water purification tablets < / P> < P> use water purification tablets is a chemical process for purification, mostly use chlorine and iodine. The mainstream of the market is to use iodine. Iodine, the preservation of the need to pay attention to avoid light, avoid tide. Water purification tablets use has the advantage of cheap, convenient, and lighter. Is time consuming, join commonly water purification tablets after 20 minutes or so to drink. The disadvantage is that one is the smell different color. This can be solved with a post-processing, 2 it is to have a major virus cannot remove, cryptosporidium, this is perhaps the most common parasites in the water. Third cause allergy easily, at the same time will have a chemical reaction and certain foods or utensils. < / P> < P> overall, water purification tablets because of its lightweight, cheap, small size, or there is a big market. Using on note must wait for at least 20 minutes, 2 it is not use for more than a week. < / P> < P> 3, purification filters < / P> < P> there actually have two classification, filters and filter the purifier. The main is respectively, remove the filter to filter bacteria and parasites. Filter, purifier, except to remove bacteria and parasites can also get rid of the virus. < / P> < P> general filtration purifier, is to pass on the basis of the filter, and then go out in the form of chemical viruses, such as iodine, so also has the shortcomings of the chemically in front of the water purification water purification tablets. The claims to be the only one stick on the way to remove the virus without chemicals water purifier. < / P> < P> use purification filtering device has the advantage of instant can drink the water, almost no need to wait for, and almost is the safest way to clean water. The disadvantage is that the price is expensive, there are few below $60, post-production cost is high also, filter also need to spend money. Volume is big, the weight is big, almost more than 1 LBS. When using, also need to often maintenance, easy to jam. < / P> < P> three ways are different, how to choice is every man's point of view. < / P>
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