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Outdoor knowledge: the use of the whistle in the outdoor sports

by:Foerstine     2020-05-01
knowledge: the use of the whistle in the outdoor camping goods sports time: 2011 - 07 - 26 < P> survival whistle must be used at the time of distress can not, such as front to the back of the say hello, sure about how far apart, determining the other source about which direction and so on. < / P> < P> but there is a problem, is sometimes just rise to blow the whistle when climbing the mountain, the number of blows, you also don't feel anything special, also don't want to hear wind, go their own, then who once feet twisted, or where you need help, or pull far among new donkey met don't know how to go, blowing his whistle when no one response is a very let a person worry, because other people also think that nothing had happened to him, his busy silently hard grind, not a lot of time to take a reason, it is just like the story of a Wolf was coming. < / P> < P> the following a brief symbolic description: < / P> < P> low short ( A second) ; < / P> < P> s s s long ( More than 3 seconds) ; < / P> < P> instructions within the whistle interval of 2 ~ 3 seconds, interval between instructions above 30 seconds ( Such as repeat send instruction to interval of more than 30 seconds) < / P> < P> communication ( T) : s s s ( A long, Used for voice communications, team to determine the interaction between the whistle, after receiving the whistle commands issued on behalf of the received instructions ( Hello ~ ~ ~ ~ ~) with the answers < / P> < P> set ( U) : * * s s s ( Two short one long) Collection (towards the direction of the whistle With propaganda collection ~ ~ ~ ~) < / P> < P> forward ( (五) When s s s ( A short length) On behalf of the team set off during a break, a representative in walking speed up ( Similar with propaganda! ~ ~ ~ ~) < / P> < P> wait (former team W) When s s s s s s ( A short two long) When used for long distance and procession, after waiting for teams before requirements ( With answers please wait ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~) < / P> < P> request support ( S) : * * * ( Three short) When in trouble need to seek help, the received signal with sound communication ( T) Reply said will travel to support ( With propaganda urgent! Be urgent! Be urgent! Similar) < / P> < P> for help, SOS) : * * * s s s s s s s s s * * * ( Three short long to short) This is the international SOS code, please must remember, I hope you always don't have to this. ^ _ ^ < / P>
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