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Outdoor knowledge: outdoor equestrian sport which need to be paid attention to

by:Foerstine     2020-04-29
knowledge: outdoor equestrian sport need to pay attention to what time: 2012 - 02 - Source: 21 foer sting outdoor tent author: outdoor knowledge on horseback in the outdoor dangerous exist everywhere, one of the biggest danger is to 'push', which fell down from the horse back foot caught in the stirrup. So, how to prevent set off? Don't wear clothes or change clothes off immediately, so as to avoid the horse frightened. Smaller horse defecation or hungry, stomach, and girth is loose, so check Ma Du take time, to be very tight, so as to avoid sliding his saddle. When Ma Du belt loose, groom or staff to assist, please. [ Tent] Or their taut, if not complete, a horse, please. Up and down a steep slope, check dismounted in advance or appropriate sloshing around in at once, see if the saddle is loose. Was always in the top left of the horse, because the right side of the horse will not used to it, if the low to the left of the ground, then you must turn the horse, the horse so easily, also avoid because the ground is low, too pulled the saddle saddle slipping, thus fell to dismount. As long as you in right away, no matter what, all want to bridle, because horses are subject to sudden stampede because of various reasons, if you grasp the bridle, wouldn't fall off. Don't put his feet into the stirrups child too much, only the first half of the foot, avoid set off; Shoelaces not too tight, after this to his shoes off, avoid set. Let the length of the groom or modify the stirrups, feel to the right, otherwise it will legs and ground leg pain. Changing position in immediately at any time, don't always use a kind of posture, prevent hip pain. ( This often happen in first riding friends) The front of uphill body lean forward, and grasping the saddle; Downhill, body lean back and hold the saddle back; Please believe that the horse up and down a steep slope, it has four hoofs, choose their own pace. ( Don't let the horse running downhill, because front legs as powerful hind legs, ma [ tents] In addition to rent a horse quality is uneven in the wild, especially in the first time you rent by without enough understanding to horses, it is very dangerous, easy to cause the consequence of 'up') Horse in the drilling and the forest, only our height, so you will be the branches hung down on his horse, so you must be able to control it, don't let it drill forest, or you must get down! ( Ride don't just lower the head, like driving, this vision to put far away, to select the horse running route ahead of time, avoid witnessed near trees shrubs such places) ( I riding a friend once because of habitual hunch over hump in continuous riding cause lumbar disc after four hours, mainly incorrect posture caused by uneven body) Walk don't let the horse eat grass and drink water, if the horse stopped eating grass, best effort to yank bridle, one-time to cause its biggest pain, and let the horse for a long time high, after a few times it's afraid to lower the head to eat grass, and their horses pulled the horse's neck and the hip, make it go quickly. If horses running, please don't be afraid, the horse will soon be slowing down, and speed and endurance of the horse is limited, yanking live around quickly pull on both ends of the bridle, affects the horse's mouth chewing son about grinding rub the horse mouth, clamping belly horse (with two legs at the same time It is the signal to make the horse stop, remember, usually also available. ) If still can not drag, drag a bridle, the horse around. ( In the wild ride if no accident, don't let the horse run scram, remember that a horse is running machine, it can't be you le REINS immediately stop, there will be a buffer distance) Don't close to the horse's back, the individual will kick and bite, please touch the horse's neck, communicate with it. ( Himself was played, on horseback walk behind the other horses. 。 。 Ok just playing to the upper) Soon after, please don't let go of the bridle, or to watch others, otherwise it may be lost. Please left or the right make the horse to Lamar REINS; Let the horse stopped, use your legs to tighten the horse belly, pull bridle at the same time. Don't ride too young or too old horse, these horses have no physical strength, ride for a long time will you fall down easily. In the field of rent by horses have first contact can not tame, you can use the whip ( No whip branches can also replace) 'Punishment', [ Tent] Personal equipment: sneakers or waterproof outdoor camping goods shoes, take a sweater or fleece charge clothing, long trousers, Thickening of the trousers) < br /> outdoor knowledge: outdoor equestrian sport which tags to note: outdoor, outdoor knowledge, horseback riding, horse riding
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