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Outdoor knowledge: outdoor camping must-have list

by:Foerstine     2020-04-30
knowledge: outdoor camping goods camping must-have list time: 2011 - 08 - Tents, 08 < P> a: north or little rain can prepare a single tent, can resist is less than 2 ~ 3 hours, in the rainy season should choose double tents, general can resist rain seven to eight hours. < / P> < P> 2, sleeping bags, camping essential thing in the world, there are down linens, cotton, acrylic, choose according to the weather. < / P> < P> three, dampproof mat: wear-resisting layer has the points of single and double, flat face and nest egg noodles, blow-up lilo, according to the requirements of your choice. < / P> < P> 4, stoves, on the choice of a stove with the gas furnace and stove, alcohol furnace, etc. , where prohibited wild with fire is very useful. < / P> < P> 5, bucket: a specially designed for mountaineering camping pot, large, medium and small three pot set together, with a small bowl, spoon and cup. < / P> < P> 6, water bag ( Pot) : outdoor activities indispensable equipment, camp out of water, after all, there are always some distance. < / P> < P> 7, lights, flashlights, nocturnal, afterward all need, necessary, also can choose head lamp, very convenient. < / P> < P> eight, fuel: if you don't want to be a decoration stoves, remember to take it, lighters, moistureproof matches also want to take. < / P> < P> 9, food: canned picnic, bread, instant noodles, biscuits, necessary. String can also bring some rice, meat, meat, snacks and so on. < / P> < P> 10 and knife: open circuit, cutting, cannot leave it, and to compare the wild places, took a machete, usually with a multi-purpose Swiss army knife. < / P> < P> 11, shovels, may choose to take an axe amphibious spade, tents, flat land one hundred times quicker than your unarmed, axe can cut some deadwood or fruit. < / P> < P> 12, emergency medicine, in case of an accident, they can at least first aid treatment first, don't get hurt. See ( 14) In the regular drug list < / P> < P> 13, auxiliary equipment: floating ones, maps, glasses, clothes, anti-mosquito liquid, rubber boats, ice bucket, water filter, telescope, barbecues and so on. < / P> < P> 14, backpacks, general 2 ~ 3 days camping 50 ~ 70 litres of enough, must choose a better brand, meet, comfortable, back after a long time to know his benefits. < / P>
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