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Outdoor knowledge: new donkey friends required principles of AA mountaineering

by:Foerstine     2020-04-29
knowledge: new donkey friends required principles of AA climbing time: 2011 - 08 - principle 14 < P> a: take good care of yourself! < / P> < P> AA AA outdoor as many cost, this is one of the largest error, the current AA outdoor actually is not only cost AA, responsibility and risk the same AA, outdoor camping goods travel, so not only the players at risk, the manager is also in danger of outdoor. < / P> < P> seen vertical limit and ice for 168 hours of all know, when someone other team members within the ropes and endanger the life, cut the rope may be the only choice. This is the law of the mountain, I'm not saying don't rescue, solidarity and mutual help is the most valuable in the mountain spirit wealth, but why they are to put the scene show in front of everyone, because the reality is cruel, you must understand, if you want to choose this way of life must to face up to one day you or your partner will cut the rope to your head. < / P> < P> understand this can understand 2007 Everest climb, why no one to save when hall is on the brink of death. Some friends into the outdoor ( I'm sorry can't put you opened Always looking for a more or less depend on, so that only the team leader to take care of people is not careful, the old donkey new donkey look down on us. Abroad from 1786 to 1865, almost all of 3000 ~ 4000 meters above sea level mountain were set foot on one by one, then the world DengShanJie said this period is the golden age of the Alps. < / P> < P> some Atkins mountaineering law, already formed in Atkins mountaineering, don't want other people to help me, everyone in here independently in the face of the mountain. Others to help you that is other people's business, but you want to know: I have to depend on myself! ! ! < / P> < P> outdoor camping goods principle 2, attention to the safety of his partners < / P> < P> the move, the same rope connected partners, if one of the occurrence of sliding, others will face the same dangerous? ? ? ? ? Limped off trail, if a teammate or unable to move forward, the team will face much difficulty? A team as a whole, each member of the mistakes will bring unexpected difficulties for the whole team, so protect your teammates is to protect themselves, and this article 1 don't conflict: always take good care of yourself is that you can survive the laws; Protect your teammates this is the guarantee to realize your goals. Especially some technical mountaineering, many routes need to take turns to alternately protection, if you are a man or with an injured teammates, if you can imagine how difficult will face. < / P> < P> three outdoor principles, not to take part in power and their difference is too big of AA team < / P> < P> many new complain that some old donkeys don't take them out, some leaders to bring some more proud of MM. If FB line to nothing, but if the zinc or technical line, so you have to ask myself, I have the ability to participate in this line? A AA team strength difference is too big, will appear the asymmetry of information and experience: to choose lines, camp, travel and equipment selection and processing of the unknown difficulties, some things may be careful to remind others, some things may not realize that others into your equipment whether can warm waterproof, whether the shoes can adapt to a variety of line, is there any more, bring along a pair of socks do you have any more with several pairs. < / P> < P> some small details without notice, at this moment you more than your teammate will face dangers and difficulties. In particular, some MM, always thinking of his own safety when travel on the team leader or some men, this is also why the first two mountain event is two girls. is dangerous, when everyone into the ultimate state, want most is to let oneself live, so you have to understand that sometimes danger, accident often start with the weakest players on the team. If you want to join the Atkins mountaineering, first to improve their strength! ! ! < / P> < P> outdoor principle four, never push yourself to the limit < / P> < P> a friend, if you go the business team, please play your physical strength, because when you sing, there will be a collaboration to take care of your safety back to the camp; If you fight for honor, but also showcase your physical energy, because your goal is your final choice. But in Atkins mountaineering, please keep a copy of the physical strength to face the back of the difficulties, the mountain is still there, this time no next time, as long as you are alive, opportunity forever. < / P>
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