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Outdoor knowledge: how to play in the outdoor leggings

by:Foerstine     2020-05-01
knowledge: how to play in the outdoor camping goods leggings time: 2012 - 02 - 20 source: how to play with the author: outdoor camping goods knowledge < p> leggings are very popular in ancient times, the lineage has been used is probably lies in the fact that the cause of the long journey won't appear calf rise pain after leggings, and loosen the leggings a few days later, the leg will feel very comfortable, and can prevent blood product caused by pain and fatigue. < / p> < p> a leggings is also widely used in outdoor sports, professional mountain donkey can play on their leggings. Especially in mountain forest, legging can prevent poisonous insect leeches along the trousers climb in bit suck, can effectively prevent the thorn branches stung and care. If there is a passage of four wounded fracture, triangle towel first aid kit didnt work, off leggings cloth can have the effect of fixed bone. In case of rock slope need to climb down, [ Tent] Connect a few root leggings cloth twisted into a rope to help you smoothly through. If there is a colleague's four wounded, no evacuation stretcher, can cut down the two long and short branches will be a few pair of leggings cloth made simple stretcher. If there are any need strapping, leggings cloth is one of the best bands. < / p> < p> < br /> play leggings actually very simple, size can change, no strict standards for a length of cloth ( Good made of canvas, a strong common cloth also line) One side, is flat, split into two rope, fork is strong, the width of 10 cm or more wide, length of one meter five to two meters long. Legging style is the butt end of starting from the upper leg flat wrapped around the foot, every lap or two laps leggings can be, to ensure smooth stick legs surface constantly hit legs bend upwards, should stand up to play, elastic moderate, too tight not open step, is too loose, dozen good leggings shoes should be strict sealing mouth, walk for a long time also not loose. < / p> < p> < / p> < p> outdoor knowledge: how to play in the outdoor leggings? < br /> tags: outdoor, outdoor camping goods knowledge, how to play leggings, dozen leggings < / p>
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