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Outdoor knowledge: autumn outdoor exercise 4 a principle

by:Foerstine     2020-04-29
knowledge: autumn time to outdoor camping goods exercise 4 a principle: 2011 - 09 - 30 < P> in the cool autumn is a good time to outdoor exercise, but if the improper preparation, inadvertently brings little damage. Shoulder injury is a common injury. Experts suggest that autumn after exercise regimen, had better follow the principle of 4 a, namely the convergence ( liAn) , main slow ( 人) Practice hardy (, 汉) Good, shoulder ( jiAn) 。 < / P> < P> convergence ( liAn) — — Autumn health heavy convergence < / P> < P> autumn sun be the spirit of nature by etiological tend to hide. Autumn of preserve one's health, therefore, the principle of 'convergence'. Comply with the changes in solar terms, from the aspects of daily life should be adjusted for the 'early to lie and early to rise,' get up early to stretch lung qi, help to prevent the fall of respiratory diseases. < / P> < P> main slow ( mAn) — — Slow movement project main < / P> < P> exercise will lead to excessive sweating, sun be the spirit loss. Autumn exercise should give priority to with the slow movement. Especially for the elderly, had better choose gentle relaxed, sweat less movement, such as tai chi, walking, etc. Practice hardy (< / P> < P> hAn) — — Alternating practice hardy < / P> < P> as the saying goes, 'spring cover autumn frost', starting from the early autumn the season of cold and hot alternate cold-resistant exercise is the most effective way to improve the body adjustment response sensitivity. Hardy training program including mountain climbing, jogging, cold bath, etc. But note that does not play a single 'son', don't warm up is very easy to wear a jacket to battle a cold or the flu. < / P> < P> good shoulder ( jiAn) — — Neck and shoulder is the most vulnerable < / P> < P> autumn morning and evening temperature difference became big, muscle of high viscosity, low temperature conditions such as up to practice without warm-up activity, it is easy to cause muscle, ligament damage. Neck, waist is the place where the most sports injury prone. Experts recommend that in addition to twist the neck shoulder warm-up, exercise might as well a little scarf or wearing a turtleneck sweater, prevent the cool wind blowing the neck. < / P>
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