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Outdoor ice climbing to bring what equipment

by:Foerstine     2020-05-03
Time for outdoor ice climbing to bring what equipment: 2012 - 03 - 23 source: tent author: knowledge of outdoor ice climbing, ice climbing is the rock climbing for the birth of a new branch in the exhibition, is a compulsory subject, climbing mountains, snow mountain is one of the basic skills of mountaineering. The main is natural ice ice climbing, divided into frozen waterfalls and BingGua two kinds. In northern China, winter comes, many high mountains, waterfalls formed the good condition of ice climbing. On the tilt of the ice wearing crampons, with ice axe hand, each cone fixed on the frozen waterfall, again standing on the fulcrum climb the cliff. Perhaps accidentally, of course, you will slide down a few meters, but think about themselves in a pure natural ice sculpture on line, climbing became part of the natural landscape, all difficulties will appear insignificant. In much of the winter in the north of China, in the past the plunging waterfalls are solidified, ice sculpture murals into dozens of meters high. ( tents] Deserve to go up on ice boots, crampons, put on your seat belt, rope buckle on protection, wear helmets, ice axe in hand, let's go to the ballet dancing on ice crystal. < br /> personal equipment needed for ice climbing, mountaineering is a strong professional sports, it not only has the good physical quality, and need to be equipped with professional climbing equipment, and have some ice climbing experience and common sense. When you travel in the mountains, surrounded by in crisis, thanks to the professional climbing equipment for security, you can have nothing to fear. Ice climbing is climbing mountains, snow mountain activities must be one of the skills training. The main technical equipment required for the ice climbing: (1) ice axe: there are several kinds of activities available for transfer, the end of a rope and set on your wrist, to prevent slip. (2) mountain boots: for climbing mountains. Boots on the surface of the waterproof layer; Some into the boots, boots, waterproof boots outside wear-resisting, boots in thermal insulation. (3) crampons, with mountain boots. Divided into 8, 12, 16 teeth, etc. Use into the cassette, bundled two kinds, easy to use, especially in the outside conditions mutation or harsh, buckled mountain boots can remove crampons. Bundled security firm and reliable. (4) ice piton: using alloy steel, hollow spiral, fixed on the ice, rotating into ice. Fixed the main rope, protective on the ice. (5) other as main line, helmet, waterproof clothing, snow cover, waterproof gloves, safety belt, rope, etc. < br /> outdoor camping goods ice climbing to bring what equipment tags: outdoor, ice climbing, outdoor equipment
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