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Outdoor hiking tips let you gets in the mountains

by:Foerstine     2020-05-08
Outdoor hiking tips let you in the field gets time: 2011 - 11 - Author: 16 source: tent camping tents < p> field walk is different from the cement pavement, and the wild foot often encounter the road will be uneven, walking posture is also need to be adjusted, different now to introduce you to a few action field walk skills, and help people walk smoothly mountains. < / p> < p> a, stable center of gravity < / p> < p> the wild mountain walking pace to adopt different from city level walking gait asphalt road surface, usually asphalt feet walking is a natural swing along the horizontal direction is put forward. But the ups and downs of uneven trail, sometimes even rolling stone, very bad. < / p> < p> when climbing on foot, the most important thing is to 'walking posture' and 'pace', first of all be walking posture. Head, waist and feet to keep on the same line, gravity and often regards the line as is the axis of the body to move with me. : < / p> < p> method to raise one foot knee, the other foot touchdown balance, the shoulders do not force, is the center of gravity of the from the hind feet into your front foot, the foot to move the head and the waist center of gravity forward, front foot knee don't forward, step back foot forward again, to create a centre of gravity. So head, waist and feet moving alternating walking way is the right walking posture. Up the hill centre forward, down the hill on the back foot. < / p> < p> 2, small steps, walk slowly < / p> < p> mountain road upward or downward, the most basic is smaller. The way on foot, even from the present situation can go forward, at the same pace, in addition to easy to keep balance, also can reduce fatigue. < / p> < p> hiking is not only the leg movement, but a kind of whole body movement. Can balance the body through the swing arm, adjustment, control the rhythm. < / p> < p> 3, the whole foot, steady step < / p> < p> the best walking speed and not out of walking, try to use personal medium load walking heart pulse rate, medium load intensity heartbeat = ( 180 - age) X60-70%。 Back shoulder heavy back pretty, all the soles of your feet touch the ground, steady step shifts again, try to keep a constant speed. < / p> < p> a lot of four mountain hiking often thigh or calf muscle cramps, is mountaineering walking foot step did not choose all the soles of your feet on the ground, or select all foot touchdown, but just stepped on uneven surface did not choose good points, such as the foot step on a small stone, the moving center of gravity, feels wrong, it will take at least four times more power to balance the body center of gravity, usually in a meaningless to spend the 'waste' in the process of the energy balance of the body, is one of the causes of foot cramps. So please try to choose a soil ground and stable step some place to go. < / p> < p> 4, uphill horoscope, descending weight hind feet < / p> < p> encountered more inclined on the ramp, the most important thing is the foot to step character go outside, i. e. the toe opening up to outside walk. We could try foot actual on steep slope is easy to learn, if direct the entire foot on the slope, the toe because it is in the position of the heel is higher, so the ankle nasty shock bending without even coordinate stability. On the contrary, if to the cant open toe, the foot to sideways on tiptoe and ankle become almost the same height, and ankle become relaxed and easy. < / p> < p> please carefully downhill, even the gentle slope, the hill also may have the risk of falls, so be sure to step by step, take small steps really to walk. The roads especially slippery after the rain, to more easily, more need to be careful. Pace than uphill, if small step to walk, even foot accidentally slipped immediately restore balance, to prevent a fall. < / p> < p> 5, tower, don't jump < / p> < p> downward slightly higher than knee level. Walking on a line, sometimes visible with the steps of the knee high or higher than knee slightly, or on a slope above the height of the great gap between slope, etc. Down the gap between the steps of the high terrain, it is strictly prohibited to bounce down suddenly, earnestly! ! ! Hopping, not only might slip, a sprained ankle, there will be frustrate or fracture risk. < / p> < p> the correct downward footwork is the use of the edge class root of plant hold, hold the body centre of gravity is smooth to weigh in on your feet, or sitting on the ground slowly slide down to the ground. < / p>
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