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Outdoor hiking - — A popular global fashion movement

by:Foerstine     2020-05-05
hiking - — A kind of popular global fashion movement time: 2011 - 08 - 29 < P> two hundred years, the survival of people on our earth is not the development and demand, both changed their own living conditions, also changed the natural environment, and most of the people's life more and more far away from the nature, people in and out all day in the urban forest of reinforced concrete, a group can only see a grey one sky, it makes people more eager to approach nature, looking for fresh air and widen the vision once lost. < / P> < P> as early as the early last century, the economic developed countries such as Europe and America and rise to all kinds of outdoor camping goods sports boom, and gradually formed a kind of fashion, more and more people are willing to walk out of the city, meet three two fellow traveller walking in the nature comfortable feelings. 'Walk' as a new set of sports and leisure as one of the new movement, when the rise of just only as a minority thrill-seeking, challenge the limits of the game. < / P> < P> but with the passage of time and the national economy development, the environment is getting worse and people more competitive circumstances, people require close to nature, to relax tense mood, in the competition gradually popularized outdoor camping goods sports. < / P> < P> 'walked' now has become a worldwide fashion health sports, it not only people's health and endurance, cultivate people's spirit and temperament, promoting interpersonal communication, at the same time able to inspire people to love nature, love life emotion, the exhaustion of the residents of urban soul get have a rest. < / P>
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