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Outdoor exploration must take small dongdong

by:Foerstine     2020-05-14
exploration must take small dongdong time: 2012 - 03 - Source: 08 outdoor tent author: outdoor gear < p> to outdoor exploration, the following items must be documented. < br /> erythromycin eye ointment < br /> erythromycin eye ointment is a kind of common antimicrobials. It is supposed to eyes external adapting just-in-time inventory. In the wild eat to live not timely, especially water insufficient when they lose, the symptoms are in certain parts of the face, there will be a pustule 'pull'. After the injury, wound infection, often red not more; Dry climate to exposed skin tear, etc. , can use erythromycin eye ointment onto affected area at this moment, the symptoms will disappear. < br /> needles < br /> activities in the field, the inevitable plunge into a thorn, pain, inflammation and festering out may not in time. If you go out take a sewing needle, you can eliminate external invasion. Remember, when the discerning sewing needle tip on the fire to burn, ensure hygiene disinfection. In addition, to squeeze 'dazzling bleeding, such ability won't infect. A little erythromycin eye ointment will be more secure. < br /> pain wet dispelling the cream < br /> walking in the wild, thorns, zizyphus jujube tree to avoid the pants broken, if not fill in time, will be broken. Then available pain wet dispelling the cream outside to stick in the hole of good, [ Tent] The convenient and quick also does not affect the activity. Wait until after the field activities, home again 'formal' repair. Rope < br /> < br /> luggage to field activities saddled a 10 meters long 5 mm thick nylon luggage rope, will at a crucial moment. When someone accidentally falling slope, fall and fracture, available luggage rope branches and fixed arm and leg. Still can tie into framework, with two coat made simple stretcher to rescue the wounded. Cliffs, steep slope, with it can be safely through the danger zone. This rope is the 'lifeline', so to speak. < br /> < br /> plastic bags in the winter snow back up the mountain view, do not have a taste. Is the most annoying, warm shoes will soon be wet through. Easy to frostbite feet. This is because the snow melt and after touch the vamp is heated. If the former through the snow in the shoes I wear socks coat on plastic bags, a warm make feet ( Snow never wu sweating, sweaty feet excluded of course) ; Two, thermal insulation, lower the temperature in the upper, not easy to turn into ice water, after making the snow on the protected the cotton shoes wet. So, small plastic bag has solved the big difficult. < br /> < br /> alcohol medical alcohol to disinfect, also can be used as a fuel. Use of alcohol can also use the picnic on the bottom of the pot blackened pot YanZi removed. Alcohol has dissolved carbon skill, is a kind of commonly used solvents. Worth to remind is, every time after you come back for a picnic will be wiped clean, after many days the effect not beautiful. Actually in the dark, dark bottom of the pot is awkward, but absorbs heat effect is better, so as to save energy and operation time. So not wipe every time there is no need to have if brightness is new, should be to gently rub is not black, no pollution it as appropriate. Pan really help and carefully wipe around the edges. Such as soft, moist sandy soil can also wipe black. < br /> coke bottle < br /> camping in the mountains, night lighting is a big deal. Have camping, of course, is a pleasure, but most people can only use a torch light, not take long before, will run out of battery. With a candle lights will be affected by the wind. If doing a chimney, reduce the influence of the wind, how will? Someone once with the coke bottle ( Other white transparent bottles can be) , will be cut to the top and bottom, the cover on the candle. Such a candle can work 3 hours, the effect is good, might as well try. < br /> < br /> waterproof matches if out field before the matches special treatment processing, turn it into 'waterproof matches, ] Prepare for it. The producing method is: will the candle oil drops in a match the whole body evenly and put 'anorak' on the match. Then the interval is arranged with two layers of wide tape waterproof matches coating in the middle, rolled into a roll. Again the same glue sealing films phosphorus wipe paper ( The best two phosphorus surface relative) Together into a small plastic vial ( Such as: magazine) Tighten the cover. In one thousand, wax or glue sealing cracks in the bottle cap, the best outside the bottle marked with the words' waterproof matches. Match to be used when clean shave their head of wax oil, wax in addition to not be convenient to both matches ( But don't be wax hot fingers) 。 < / p> < p> < / p> < p> outdoor exploration must take small dongdong < br /> tag: outdoor adventure, outdoor camping goods, small dongdong < br /> < / p>
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