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Outdoor equipment: how to choose suitable radio

by:Foerstine     2020-04-27
gear: how to choose the right time to intercom: 2012 - 02 - 10 source: intercom author: < p> outdoor camping goods equipment for the friend that loves the outdoors, the role of the intercom is without a doubt, one team like year New Year's day because of injured players trapped snow small wutai, also because have walkie-talkies, so personnel can promptly contact to the outside world, a successful rescue. Have a walkie-talkie can say we are in the mountains have another layer of security. And the particularity of outdoor activities, for our buyers proposes some special requirements, but the specifications of the interphone, frequency, transmission power is not the same, how to choose a suitable for outdoor sports radio? Which needs to be addressed as follows: < / p> < p> the first to get to know the intercom currently on the market: < / p> < p> walkie talkie divided into two broad categories: professional machine and general professional machine is refers to the transmission power is greater than 4 w machine, currently on the market most professional machine has transmitted power of 4 w and 5 w, such as MOTOROLA, kenwood, Kitty, etc. The actual range of this kind of radio in commonly 7 km, mainly meet the requirement to call distance remote applications, such as public security, security and large area management. This kind of machine price is higher, generally around 1500 to 2000. < / p> < p> the civilian interphone is refers to the transmission power is not greater than zero. 5 w machine, currently on the market the more common to the general with MOTOROLA. This kind of walkie talkie [ Tent] Actual distance in 1. About 5 km, the main meet is relaxed in range of application, such as restaurants, small party, exhibition, travel, etc. This kind of machine, low prices is in commonly 240 - 500. < / p> < p> there is a radio between professional machine and general, their transmission power is about 2 w to 3 w, the actual distance within about 4 kilometers. Common north, etc. This kind of walkie talkie mainly supply the call distance has certain requirements, but the price of the machine is not demanding users. Because in practical use, many travelers can eventually 0. At close range 5 w radio calls, can meet the application, a little distance if buy professional machine, although you can satisfy the use, but to bear the high cost, but also rarely use so far. Is the best choice is to 2 w interphone. < / p> < p> < br /> when buying things to note: < / p> < p> now commonly used radio power supply are: lithium rechargeable battery, nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries, AA alkaline batteries. Generally cannot be recharged in the wild, so the intercom standby time and talk time is an important parameter, otherwise often when the need for communication problems due to deficiency of intercom. In general, li-ion battery, nickel metal hydride to power the radio power is larger, but spare battery is a big problem; Alkaline batteries for power radio power generally less than 2 w. < / p> < p> the communication frequency point and radio communication relationship is like roads and cars are inseparable. Now there are two main types of common radio source: entrainment from abroad; Domestic regular stores to buy civilian interphone. Although is conducted in the UHF band communication, but as a result of domestic radio spectrum management regulations and international standards are different, the two types of radio frequency point of communication also is very different. < / p> < p> maybe you are now beginning to consider buying a handheld radio. Handheld radio frequency can change the launch point, has a complex scanning function, transmission power is big, Tent] But one thing is its weaknesses: not easy to operate. Like our home menu with complicated imported VCD machine, in fact a long time, find that commonly used function or a few MTK also do very good. Handheld radio walkie talkie VS the biggest advantage is easy to operate, and professional intercom panel often simpler, 5 minutes to learn to operate. Due to the harsh field conditions, interphone of waterproof, shockproof function best should also be taken into consideration, as some interphone emphasizes RockyPannel and troops to use standard, it is very practical for 'travelling'. After all, we should save as much as possible in the field of time to take care of yourself and not those delicate equipment. < / p> < p> in a straight line without obstacles, walkie-talkie power basically is proportional to the relationship and communication distance. 0. 5 w interphone commitment of linear range is generally about 3 km, radios for 9-2 w 10 kilometers ( This distance will be discounted in the mountain valley) 。 High power will bring big power consumption, so the cost is best to consider you may encounter when situation and looking forward to the communication distance. Small make up have a suggestion: if it is about five small force then use 0. 5 w walkie-talkie; If it is more than 10 large force, or is composed of multiple groups, you can use 2 w intercom + 0. 5 w walkie talkie used at the same time, in 4-5 people normally with a set of very much, this configuration will consider more comprehensive, in 2 w intercom between each team, within the team is using 0. 5 w interphone, convenient and save electricity (namely so It has already been said, the greater the power consumption, 2 w interphone don't often use, as long as every once in a while to contact between each group. ) < / p> < p> outdoor gear: about how to choose appropriate intercom < br /> tags: outdoor, outdoor camping goods equipment, walkie-talkie < / p>
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