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Outdoor enthusiasts know common sense crossing the river

by:Foerstine     2020-04-26
enthusiasts guidelines of crossing the river time: common sense - 2011 09 - 16 < P> river is when we do outdoor camping goods activities often encountered obstacles, some rivers, slowly on the bottom; Others are fast-flowing, that this time should be how to wade to cross the river? < / P> < P> the first thing we have to be some kind of 'reconnaissance to the river, so that we can accomplish know fairly well. < / P> < P> wading crossing the river to choose shallow rivers, flow gently, no reefs, currents, and the location of the vortex, if the water depth of waist, more than 4 meters per second of jet flow speed, not to protect the wading across the river. Wading across the river, shall wear shoes, lest the bottom rod through the foot, at the same time also can better balance. If the bottom of the river silt, should take off shoes and socks, barefoot across the river. < / P> < P> with a bamboo pole, tent pole, branches, supported on the direction of water upstream. The waist tie a rope protection, falling in the water or, by the water protection can avoid danger; In the river on both sides of rocks or trees indiana a rope, fording hand grasp a rope or belt through noose and chains hanging on a rope across the river; In the river on both sides of the erection of a protective rope across the river. Collective fording in two or three, four people, each other around the shoulder, a strong person should be in the upstream direction, move each other across the river. < / P> < P> fording the ice in winter, cotton and cotton shoes should be take off, wading across the river and then immediately put on cotton-padded clothes can't wear pants, and cotton shoes should be paid attention to cross the river, water wet cause frostbite and hypothermia. < / P> < P> fording glaciers, best by in the morning, because the river is the main source of glaciers formed, small amount of melting temperature is low, and at night in the morning when the river the most shallow, fording easily. < / P>
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