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Outdoor emergency coping strategies

by:Foerstine     2020-04-28
Time for outdoor camping goods emergency coping strategies: 2011 - 08 - 29 a lost, < / P> < P> < P> in outdoor camping goods sports activities, to consider the fitness of the players each are not identical, should arrange physical medium in front of the players go, physically weak middle, in case the team's game due to exhaustion. All the action, should be in the team or group action is advisable. < / P> < P> in the process of marching should always observe the surrounding scenery and terrain, ground objects and people to stay in front of the footprints of etc. , at the same time should pay attention to guide member's mark or guiding the correct path of any logo. Meet the fork road should be especially careful to identify the observation, the available contact whistle, or lines to determine the correct path. < / P> < P> learn to look at a map, ones and altimeter is one of the elements to prevent lost, should first read the map before we start, had better be to go the distance on the ridge, mountains, ups and downs, included, are first to calculate the Numbers from topographic map, the label mark, write in the notebook, in a mountainous area, no matter in what kind of climate, all want to know their place, develop every mountain using maps, ones, and the habit of position at any time. < / P> < P> if the bad weather, such as heavy fog, it's best to suspend activities, to keep the position of the right in the thick fog, in addition to calculation through the mountains, the main knife, valleys, cliffs, and special terrain, terrain, etc. , conduce to the location of the judgment. < / P> < P> in addition, can depend on the time and speed of walking, estimates go the distance in a certain period of time. For haven't been to the mountains or the dense forest of miscanthus, arrow bamboo, mark should be along the way, can the way back to when to go wrong. The beast and some easy to mistake for diameter, diameter, hunting lindau, lines, water diameter, etc. , should be identified. Get lost, they often can shock caused by energy consumption and hunger, attention must be cautious, first aid. < / P> < P> 2, cramps < / P> < P> mountain cramps occur because excessive movement or poor posture, bad caused the muscle coordination, or by hiking or climbing after cold, huge loss of salt in the body, thus cause the contraction of muscle suddenly produce the autonomy. < / P> < P> lint cramps symptoms include pain, muscle feel nervous or convulsions, unable to relax the contraction of muscle. First-aid pull muscles affected area, this paper make the place to play straight, gently massage sore muscles. Supplement moisture and salt, rest until the affected area is comfortable. < / P> < P> three, rockfalls < / P> < P> areas of fall, cliff, steep slopes, gravel slope, valley, or just the location of the land slide, are more prone to falling rocks places, especially in the rainy days. Through these sections, should be vigilant, it is best to avoid them, if you must walk the above sections, should wear a helmet, and some command, pay attention to the occurrence of rock fall at any time, and keep 5 ~ 10 meters should be a proper distance, in case of a rock fall occurs evasion. < / P> < P> if meet with rock fall, should take advantage of the terrain objects to prove that, under the tree, or in the arm, backpacks block, in order to protect the head, if you hear or see the rock fall distance is far, rock fall should be paid attention to the rolling direction, according to its opposite direction dodge again. If you have partner hit by falling rocks, should be such as rock fall completely stopped, the injured will be moved to the safety, first aid. The priority of the emergency treatment for traumatic bleeding - internal bleeding - shock - fracture ( Pay attention to the crest of the injured vertebra to be fixed after mobile security) 。 < / P>
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