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Outdoor donkey line all funny matters needing attention

by:Foerstine     2020-05-08
Outdoor donkey line all funny time to note: - 2011 11 - 23 source: tent author: < p> a camping tents, as far as possible in the early morning or late at night when carrying super large package and family members' hospital tents lurking out, in order to avoid colleagues like see monkey curious and lead to you in bed and back so many strange things. Of course, you want to explain the guard clear put inside is not what other people's house. < / p> < p> two, sit rent must frowning when looked out the window, and try to make a sad expression, the driver looked at the bags, will think you are live-in girlfriend out of the house, so, will not easily ask questions bother you, sometimes meet a feeling kind of, will also take your fare discounts. < / p> < p> 3, when you yawn again late for 20 minutes, in the face of the full car within bash elbows, I advise you the only thing to do is to find a way to get their hands bleeding, and told them a ideal to travel at any cost and the story of four battling a bulldog, to fully learn from everyone's sympathy. < / p> < p> so, carrying red ink is a must. In the process of travel, of course, must not with you should be already injured hands do dancing stick meat of what difficult moves. If do, be sure to choose in the first place in the extremely painful, squat! Pay attention to, don't squat down next to wear a skirt of female the companion. < / p> < p> 4, teams have beauty, must be ruthless, must strive to kneel to climb over the cliff bay there is the impulse and inadvertently jumped over, and, of course, not show waist in tethered cord. Try to avoid talking to beauty directly, but to find the beauty on the side of the gay new donkey line, with laughing attitude shown in the general demeanor. Must seize what a accidentally drops a new donkey education, before he wants to tell all you know environmental protection knowledge back again with a loud voice. If he is not something you're trying to create opportunities to let him off, eat chewing gum was not glued to each other on the collar and began to wait. Of course, the other party to the money away, do not have to. < / p> < p> 5, meet the unreasonable dog must don't panic, first check body ever can bribe the food, there is one with reasonable food, reasonable with the leg without words, run fast it doesn't matter, can be more than a companion you can have a rest. < / p> < p> 6, don't at the time of a lot of people with my camera could not help but wearing panties jump down a cool pool, this will make your life become a laughing stock and leave him, unless you have known the desire. Is the right thing to bring a camera myself on the way to catch others' gaffes, grasp the point to eat with the graphics software company background in the toilet, or change and overlook the ultimate goal of lofty mountains target to girls bedroom skills is best, so just have capital and others exchange their gaffes. As for the pool? You don't jump in others trousers? < / p> < p> 7, tanning themselves and learn hard at ordinary times, dialects to encounter the first mountaineer Zan Village family issues, so that in the bill-to confidently explain to each other their is za township first exam to college students in Beijing, to return home! < / p> < p> 8, the tent must be observed during the night, don't across the public toilets. Early the next day lest someone away tents you throw money when you didn't change. Make the most of people go to convenience when receiving tents, in order to reduce unnecessary manual Labour and save time. < / p> < p> 9, see water, tireless work, as far as possible in the upstream wash gargle drinking buddies, in order to obtain Q elder psychological advantage. You can't sleep at night, when people getting your foot washing water of smug smile may help you fall asleep. < / p> < p> ten, if you are lying to my mother out of the door of the back and can't help but to buy a lot of forest products, the best disguise method is to go to the supermarket to buy bags of Yang mei, then chew the arbutus with wal-mart on the plastic packaging bags of forest products, get home with two times the price of the find mom for reimbursement. < / p>
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