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Outdoor cycling waist sour backache

by:Foerstine     2020-04-24
cycling waist sour backache how to handle time: 2012 - 06 - 25 source: foer sting outdoor tent author: outdoor skills shoulder pain < br /> the pain in this area mainly is the car on the tube is longer, handlebar is lower, upper body support the body's exceeded your muscle load capacity, the solution is to increase handlebar height, reduce the height difference between handlebars and seat, use the tube to short some combination. < br /> neck pain < br /> the and shoulder pain often comes at the same time, the above solution, to be sure, to see the road ahead, you can first take a look at the front is far away, is there any intersection + word, there is no need to avoid pedestrians or obstacles, judge need slowdown ahead at the same time, and then turned to watch closer to the road information, see if there are any small stone or pit need to escape, so keep viewing Angle conversion, can avoid neck pain. Backache when < br /> < br /> this is always caused by the body is straight when riding, because more of the burden of power in the waist, can lead to the waist fatigue, appear such circumstance is that the body center of gravity moved forward in time, lower body, let arms burden more body weight, it will ease the pressure on the waist, can reduce. < br /> knee hurts < br /> 1. [ Upper knee pain] : are generally more exercise, muscle fatigue, pain is also a way of muscle to protect themselves. ( Solution] They left: multi-purpose small teeth than! Rely on foot fast frequency to improve speed, at the same time pay a minimum power! ( A package - The distance of foot] : upper knee pain can also be a package - Foot distance caused by short! If the distance is too short, easy at the time of cycle by completing a cadence, leg has been a state of fatigue, and can't rest, the right package - Foot distance value should be a barefoot bridge to the package, the heel can just touching the pedal cadence motion, and a bottom won't because feet reach down and twist around! This distance also has a certain relationship and leg flexibility, good flexibility, can increase the distance, and vice!
  2、[ At the back of the knee pain] : generally is a package height is too high, or haven't cycling, cycling, suddenly the body not too orientation. ( Solution] : reduce the package height, slowly with the increasing number of cycling in the heights! ( A package - The distance of foot] : back pain because the back of the knee ligament is a little injury, it is also related to informal pedal position! < br /> the correct posture and correct selection of the car size and Angle also determines the comfort level of the bike first talk about the correct posture: < br /> < br /> the pedal to the right foot is a former sole part, this part the most flexible control, and power is the most easy, have certain buffer action at the same time, the central and using the sole of the foot even there is a big difference! When the wear shoes CaiDao pedal, cadence feet to outside left or to the internal is wrong actions, so that in the process of the cadence, your feet will twist around on foot, it will wear your knee, also when you send power cycling to knee discomfort, it will also discharge force! The Angle of the ankle problem, cadence technology has a lot of, but for long distance cycling, is currently the best foot technology is the ankle has maintained an Angle of 90 degrees, rather than change back and forth, so that you can protect your ankle, can also be a balanced, beneficial to the improvement of the ride comfort of jinjiang on flying bicycle club. < br /> the knee part of action < br /> this is the source of your power, this part of the action is the most important! First of all, your knees in the process of such as tower can't move! Whether to wear your knees, uphill when power is most obvious! ! ! On a bag before and after the seat adjustment! ! ! Direction in front of the foot level on the ground, your knees and legs should be perpendicular to the ground, rather than before or after! This not only affect you, also can bring not comfortable ride! Stamping < br /> < br /> this is the most difficult one technology! One could argue that what of, again is not heavy on? Ha ha, this answer is wrong! Correctly foot is in the process of is a circle, can perfect power! That is balanced to power your car! We are each leg of the cadence cycling at ordinary times, responsible for the scope of a semicircle, that is, separate hard, not and! The result is that you feel the car is accelerating a longitudinal vertical! ! ! ! In fact the pause is we often say 'being dead point'! In the two crank perpendicular to the ground, at that time the car basic don't stress! How can in each circle smooth cadence. It's a 'locking', self-locking appears to be cycling the greatest invention! ! ! ! He replaced the foot before liberation inconvenient shortcoming! But have brought in the process of the foot, a leg [at the same time, the other a leg can lift action, such cooperation, can bring perfect cadence, also can smooth through the 'dead' foot! But put on the shoe doesn't mean can they improve your cadence technology, because you also need to consciously practice one leg cadence, and the other a leg can lift motion so that the right foot technology, but as long as you put on, can improve a lot, of course, comfort also increased a lot. < br /> < br /> outdoor camping goods cycling waist sour backache how to deal with tags: outdoor cycling, waist sour backache, lumbar acid
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