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Outdoor common sense: what is the difference between strong and weak donkeys

by:Foerstine     2020-05-09
Outdoor common sense: what is the difference between the strong and weak donkeys time: 2011 - 12 - 16 source: camping tents, author: < p> a camping tent, weak donkey afraid weight, strong donkey light also feared he ran too fast. < / p> < p> 2, weak donkey is afraid of climbing, see uphill climb is dizzy; Donkey cardiopulmonary function is strong, fear is falling, downhill. < / p> < p> three concerns, weak donkey is not whole, strong donkey thinks of the line too short play is not good. < / p> < p> 4, weak donkey go on a trip whole body muscle ache; Strong donkey go on a trip, worried about the knee and other joints hurt. < / p> < p> 5, the weak donkey walking afraid of wrestling. Strong donkey 'ecomax' bold, often wrestling. < / p> < p> 6, weak donkey rarely injured, strong donkey injury, especially around the joints, especially the knee joint. < / p> < p> 7, weak donkey like stone steps fixed walk, especially by the rail is more security; When afraid to walk stone stairs, afraid of in this climb stairs and falling away from the strong donkey is not far away. < / p> < p> eight, weak donkey out not call home or mobile phone is not in service area family couldn't be reached, the family will worry about worry can't sleep; < / p> < p> 9, weak donkey usually on the phone or go home to their relatives describes himself as a rare breathtaking experience; The most strong donkey to other travelers can relate to their exciting journey, not to mention how dangerous trip before relatives, disclosed that family fears and refused to go out next time. < / p> < p> 10, weak donkey kept buying equipment, keep thinking in the strong donkey find some curious people 'share' together. < / p>
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