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Outdoor climbing up the mountain to warm up before the entertainment

by:Foerstine     2020-05-08
Outdoor climbing up the mountain to warm up before entertainment balance time: 2011 - 09 - < P> 20 mountain looks like is very simple, but even the simplest up the mountain, the mountain is very skilled. Today to have some tips for you, to everyone in the climbing gym can provide a set of scientific, reduced fat thin body method of climbing. Entertainment fitness weight loss sometimes mistakenly! < / P> < P> mountain belongs to the aerobic exercise, can make the protein in the blood, enhance immunity, help the body of toxins out of the body in a timely manner. Promote metabolism, accelerate fat consumption, so the mountain has a unique effect on thin body shape. < / P> < P> the mountain before, remember to warm up. Because started climbing exercise, the dose increased immediately, must want to step by step, and then according to certain breathing rate, increase strength gradually, so you can avoid breathing frequency mutations in the movement. Warming up to the waist, knee and ankle, action repeatedly not to play. < / P> < P> 1。 Waist: stand up, two foot spacing legs slightly wider than shoulder-width, his hands on one side of the legs, back straight, body down. < / P> < P> 2。 The knee joint: bend your knees, hands on knees, clockwise and then anticlockwise. < / P> < P> 3。 Activities ankle: standing, focus on one leg, the other leg toes touchdown, first clockwise and then anticlockwise. < / P> < P> test, said fat consumed by a mountain than other sports. Weight about 70 kg men, if the 2 km per hour speed climbing on the slope of the slope is 70 degrees of 30 minutes, he consumed energy is about 500 kilocalorie, this is equivalent to 50 metres per minute 45 minutes on swim in the swimming pool, or the equivalent of the continuous do 50 minutes of boring abdominal muscle exercise in the gym. If you want to strengthen the effect of fat shape, best can keep climbing 3 ~ 4 times a week. < / P> < P> to special remind is, the bigger not climbing strength is, the better, science of mountaineering is keep the heart rate in (to the requirement of strength 220 - Age) X 60% to ( 220 - Age) X 80% times/min. So, such as feeling when climbing heart uncomfortable or too tired, please stop to measure your heart rate. < / P> < P> after climbing to relax the muscles in time, or is likely to appear the phenomenon such as legs, thighs bilge painful or body pain. Because after the movement, more or less can produce some by-products in the body - — — Lactic acid, make stiff muscles ache. Timely and relax your muscles, reduce fat body shaping effect is better. Relax for prone to ache parts ( Waist, hip, leg) To stretch and relax. Each movement static stretching for 10 seconds to 30 seconds, alternates on both sides. < / P> < P> 1。 On both sides of the waist, legs open than the hip, the body tilted to one side, his hands on a once in a straight line, perpendicular to the ground. < / P> < P> 2。 Hips: feet stand separately, before and after the front knee straight, knee bent, center of gravity back, back straight, body Angle is 30 degrees. < / P> < P> 3。 Leg after tendon muscle group: feet stand separately, before and after the front knee straight, tiptoe back, knee bent, back straight, centering on the hip down, hands touch your front foot tiptoe, try to get close to the thigh side before chest. < / P> < P> 4。 Thigh side before: single leg support, walking on the same side live ipsilateral ankle, heel as far as possible close to the hips, support legs bend, on the other side arms open outward, balance. < / P> < P> 5。 Calf: feet apart, before and after the front foot to find a strong point, tiptoe lift, heel on the ground, hind feet slightly off the ground, the body center of gravity forward, both hands to keep balance. < / P>
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