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Outdoor climbing some details cannot be ignored

by:Foerstine     2020-05-01
Some outdoor sports can't ignore the details of the time: 2012 - 02 - 14 source: outdoor climbing the author: outdoor camping goods knowledge < p> outdoor sports for all is a dangerous sport life, need to treat seriously. If safe climbing snow-capped mountains, finding the right guide is not enough, also need the climber itself has a certain quality. The charm of mountaineering and danger is in the details. Treat, negligence or fluky psychology, will mean disaster. Life is your own, and mentality is very important. The other, to climate change, the differences between the lines in different seasons, also want to have a full understanding and expected. The charm of mountaineering and danger is in the details. Treat, negligence or fluky psychology, will mean disaster. < / p> < p> 1, mountain climbing, you must possess: enough outdoor life experience, to adapt to this need to solve all kinds of sports life details. ( Tent] For high altitude human adaptability, have a preliminary understanding. Familiar with use mountain the necessary equipment, including clothing, bearing, camping equipment, protective equipment, auxiliary equipment, etc. Peace of mind, how high, to be safely to the ground. < / p> < p> < br /> 2, for the first time climbing mountains, mainly in high altitude climbing experience. Advice: avoid climb mountain elevation above 6500 meters. Avoid climb mountains have technical operation requirements. Find related peaks of formal climb, the report read, rather than the judgement on the basis of the intuitive feelings to others. Through the formal way of commercial mountaineering, best looking for mountaineering service with a good track record. < / p> < p> < br /> 3, in determining the appropriate peaks, mountain looking for qualified service at the same time, still need to learn more about the mountains of all kinds of potential dangers, including: mountain sickness, bad weather, strong sunshine, ice and snow travel rock, etc. At the same time, aware of their basic health, heart, brain, blood vessels, the respect such as lung disease, unfavorable climb the mountain. A healthy person, also need to do physical training in advance. < / p> < p> < br /> 4, on the basis of the first three, you can be in as far as possible under the premise of guaranteed, try first alpine climbing. After the mountains, the first to obtain a good mountain, suggest to buy a refers to the pressure type oximetry ( Two, three hundred) With, the blood oxygen is lower than 70, are ready to had. ( tents] To adapt to, obey the arrangement of the qualified guide, gradually climb. If meet bad weather, will terminate in a timely manner. < / p> < p> < br /> 5, mountain climbing, beginning of avoid by all means 'romantic', 'utilitarianism' and 'loading force feelings'! The charm of mountaineering and danger is in the details - — Pay attention to big. Whether the top or not, whether from the first to know yourself, climbing is suitable for this kind of movement, particularly important. Then, and then make a decision, it is terminated, or improve step by step. < / p> < p> < br /> 6, in a word, climbing is a dangerous sport life, need to be treated seriously. 'Never underestimate any mountain', 'ready to start. < / p> < p> < / p> < p> some outdoor sports can't ignore the details of the < br /> tags: outdoor, mountain climbing, mountaineering details < br /> < / p>
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