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Outdoor climbing a snow correctly and safely

by:Foerstine     2020-05-03
safe way of climbing a snow right time: 2012 - 03 - < br /> < br /> rest step: in pause when marching with a valid rest pose: side of the slope with below ( The lateral) [ Tent] < br /> < br /> * note must get into the habit of ice axe with the inside of the hand! The time step method is at rest pauses ( Stable position) At the same time try to move the center of gravity to hold ice axe hand ( Make the ice axe can insert deeper) ( Refers to because what is on the slope is too steep to face straight) < br /> < br /> * must learn to slide pendant after picks the brake pressure technology! * don't have slippery fall risk [a snow on Camping tents] To learn how to put into practice after the fall in different poses pressure picks ( The most difficult is afraid is head on his back toward the direction of) The sooner the better braking, high slip falling speed later when the snow is not ideal is often stop not to live, Until hitting obstacles) Or use the touch tablets ( Can be bought, also can use coke empty 2 l bottle to do) < br /> < br /> outdoor camping goods security right way of climbing fluorescent tags: outdoor climbing a snow, outdoors, climbing a snow
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