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Outdoor camping outdoor sleeping bags _ nanjing Foerstine outdoor how to choose

by:Foerstine     2020-04-28
camping sleeping bag is one of the indispensable equipment, choose a suitable outdoor camping goods sleeping bags, to safeguard our comfortable sleep outdoors. On the market variety, price six to one. It is often a mystery. Now let us from camping sleeping bag shape, material, process three aspects to discuss what you really need the sleeping bags: 1, the sleeping bag shape envelope bag there are a lot of classification, here we are in accordance with the seasonal temperature as the classification standard for everyone to do a share! Summer sleeping bag is relatively simple, if a campsite night temperature higher fleece sleeping bag is enough! Camping ground temperature than the city bottom will be many, afraid of cold can take a thin cotton sleeping bag. There is few dollars is enough. Suggestions down sleeping bag in the spring and autumn also qualitative cotton sleeping bag, the quality is not too big, the heat preservation effect return calculate can. Winter suggested use down sleeping bag, can be selected according to different temperature is 600 - 1200 grams of down sleeping bags. Scale about sleeping bags, I want to say is that scale is only a reference standard, according to the way we use environment and travel is not the same as we can choose different sleeping bag. Only one standard, is a reference to their destination by different to choose corresponding sleeping bag. When buy sleeping bag to recommend not according to the season to buy, if not often outdoor selection principle is to thick not thin; With better light. Mummy mummy sleeping bag type: type mummy sleeping bag to present on wide below narrow close-fitting design, body and head can be completely coated to prevent heat loss, to achieve better heat preservation effect. This model also eliminates the static gas insulated space inside the sleeping bag, which can use less body heat to keep warm in the sleeping bag. Small bag type space for mummy sleeping bag on the volume and weight are better than the envelope bag type sleeping bags, but also has the defects of difficult to roll over. Type mummy sleeping bag must be specially confirm the dimensions of choose and buy, avoid excessive sleeping bag space long or short. 2, sleeping bag material cotton moisture warmth retention property than down sleeping bag. But the disadvantage of cotton sleeping bag is big volume, the same scale to weight a lot. Down sleeping bag is a little under the same temperature scale light weight, high compression, and the relative compression volume will be smaller. The biggest drawback is afraid of damp down sleeping bags, also very moisture absorption. So down sleeping bag of moisture is the primary. Leisure and road lovers tend to be more focus on comfort. Hope to like at home, warm and comfortable sleep outdoors, and requirements for weight and volume is not high. So most of the leisure inside the sleeping bag outside using polyester cotton fabric, and advanced some brands even use the more soft and warm materials such as flannel. Professional outdoor sports are demanding more on the weight and volume. Especially equipped with lightweight deeply affects the trend of the design of the multiple brands. Previously used on top down sleeping bag of 310 t, 340 t high-density grid fabric, has in some senior brand cotton appeared on the sleeping bag. Good fabric and reasonable PU coating, can very good block moisture, prevent tearing, weight and fastness are the effective guarantee. In the spring of 310 t of fine spinning as expected, both on the handle, comfort is incomparable. 3, sleeping bag at present production technology were similar, I mean the regular brand) , some brand name brand 'proprietary technology' actually only is that it also had the brilliant. With the progress of technology, the technology has been the majority of factories have, no different. Cotton sleeping bags, double the widespread adoption of double parallel alternating process, the biggest advantages of this structure is not let the heat loss from the fixed cotton seam, and guarantee the use remains after cleaning cotton uniform distribution, not fracture, ensure good heat preservation performance. Down sleeping bag basically USES the trapezoidal lining and invisible car line technology. The worker's biggest advantage is independent chamber isolated feather, prevent the feather gather together and cause other parts of the heat lost. Stealth car line can prevent the sewing needle down outside drill, shortcomings and so on the penetration of the water droplets. But still have a lot of different between different brand on the details of the process. These differences in the guarantee the product quality also has the important role which cannot be ignored. Coating such as fabrics, as is known to all, down sleeping bag heat preservation performance is good, but once the wet by the moisture, feather insulation will drop precipitously. To guarantee the performance of feather, the good coating is necessary. After watching the above simple introduction about sleeping bag shape, material, process, I believe that you have a basic understanding of the sleeping bag.
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