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Outdoor camping, how to face sudden thunderstorm weather

by:Foerstine     2020-04-25
camping, how to face sudden thunderstorm weather time: 2013 - 03 - 28 'the day of June, baby face' say is the changeable weather in summer, under the circumstances of global temperature gradually warming, in many places the weather is becoming more and more polarized! No matter how the weather changes, still cannot prevent multi-worlds and love the nature, advocating the outdoor camping goods pursuits, believe that travelers are encountered a sudden thunderstorm weather! Known, wild camping, of course, is a sunny day is good, but when god will cry, it is difficult to predict thing. To let your camping fewer risks, foer sting a little advice for you: < br /> < br /> 1, when choosing camp, first choose to shelter and gao ( The bottom of the peach blossom fan square is unfavorable, for example) Cutoff ditches around, tents, prepare some GanXin, in a tent or with ponchos cover, clothing, etc. With plastic bags. The heavy rain came, pay attention to outside the tent frame first, bedding, etc. With tarpaulins to safeguard. Clothing, shoes and socks wet, can hanging on the branches, to the fire to dry. 2, wind, all kinds of items easy to blow away the remember good pressure with stones, will the fire, in order to avoid the spark set the prairie ablaze, encountered thunderstorm day as long as don't camping at the highest terrain hill or open place, will reduce a lot of risk. Avoid standing under a choleric, with metal objects. If escape, then can also be dangerous in situ lying prone to a minimum. 3, remember don't under a choleric while camping in or below (such as electricity pole The peach blossom fan square of light pole, for example) To avoid being as a part of the lightning rod. Lightning occurs mainly in the evening to the morning, the southern slope of the mountain than the north slope of the mountain; Alongside lake side slope ground lightning than back lake on the other side of the hill. 4, tent pole is unfavorable choose stainless steel or carbon rod, rainy days use tent waterproof performance must be good. 5, the thunderstorm occurs, the foot should stop, bipod and approach, and squat immediately, don't pull together with people, it is best to use plastic umbrellas, raincoats, etc. Don't stay in high-rise platform and outdoor empty place. 6, encountered some thunderstorms in on foot, first take out the rain gear wear well, personal warmth and moisture is the most important. Your phone or radio transceiver equipment such as closed, so as not to recruit ray. 7, do not touch antenna, water pipes, barbed wire, metal doors and Windows, facades, away from the electric equipment such as wire or other similar metal device.

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