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Outdoor by hand for a long time numbness

by:Foerstine     2020-05-01
by hand for a long time numbness to do time: 2012 - 06 - 27 source: tent author: outdoor camping goods skills a lot of outdoor enthusiasts in the long trip by bike and sometimes feel fingers numb, especially in the ring finger and little finger can't even normal straight. This is actually a scientific name called wrist ulnar nerve viega profi-press syndrome cases, simply is the cycling posture or hand force caused by the improper, belong to a part of the nerve damage. < br /> the main clinical manifestations and signs has the following points: ( 1) History of trauma, strain history, long-term history of vagina stimulation ( 2) Weakness or pain, the wrist and fingers in the hand area of the superficial branch of ulnar nerve distribution area paresthesia, hypothenar atrophy (such as 3) Peas between bone and hook bone soft tissue tenderness, soft tissue degeneration and hard ( 4) Special inspection: (1) a paper test positive for (2) strong flexor wrist or stretch wrist joints can cause pain in the wrist and finger pain, numbness compound (3) positive test or Tinel's character taps (4) positive resistance test (5 jaw deformity. < br /> of course, there are points is serious or not serious, how to as serious? If at night before going to bed or sleeping on the way will feel pain, my fingers are counted as serious symptoms; If only general fingers numb, if not better for long time, finger deformity caused by nerve will shrink. So if you have this kind of disease are endangering the ans, affect daily life, light weight, hand fingers deformities, consequences. < br /> several prevention measures: (below me 1) Sit attention to adjust the height, if sitting too high, most of the weight of the upper body in manufacturing, it will be easier to lead to such a long ride wrist nerve damage, so don't sit the tune too high. ( 2) Increase the rest or vice, avoid long time in the process of riding a cycling posture ( 3) Appropriate to relax the wrist in cycling, make the wrist nerves get proper rest, 4) Wearing a good cycling glove with buffer action. ( Especially on the bumpy road, nerve belongs to tighten state for a long time plus volatility, [ tents] Likely to be injured) < br /> if you have some cyclists have similar symptoms should be timely treatment, treatment method has the following points: ( 1) Under very mild symptoms, can use warm water soak hands relaxes, if not better in a week, choose the second point ( 2) Take a piece of cobalt amine, every large pharmacy can buy this medicine. This is a vitamin B12 supplements, its main adapt to various parts of the body are the symptoms of mental derangement, its actual composition for coenzyme B12, specific pharmacological does not say more, can refer to the instruction, after a month of use is still no symptom relief, has chosen the third point. ( 3) Timely medical care for serious in the hospital for physical therapy, if still no effect is in the surgery. ( If other similar symptoms, must immediately stop cycling, as well as the long time the pressure of the wrist action) < br /> by hand for a long time numbness to do label: outdoor camping goods outdoors with the hand, hand numbness, outdoor skills
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