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Outdoor bike travel five matters needing attention

by:Foerstine     2020-05-06
bicycle travel note time: five 2012 - 06 - Source: 08 foer sting outdoor camping goods tent author: outdoor camping goods skills 1. Bring enough water < br /> outdoor bicycle travel is a kind of endurance sports, in this hot weather, more is put forward to the test for the drivers, especially in the aspect of heat is prevented bask in, must pay attention to the timely supply of water and salt. Especially in hot weather, the flow of sweat driver is very big, need a lot of water, and normal cycling kettle is not enough capacity, therefore, be sure to bring enough water in the long distance cycling, with water bag is the best way.
  2. Sunscreen is also important < br /> the skin is the largest organ of the human body, so be sure to pay attention to protect, tan does not matter, the key is not to be basked in, so they should be on the exposed skin waterproof and sweat daub sunscreen.
  3. Pay attention to supplement energy < br /> in addition, long cycling, high temperature, water makes the driver is easy to run out of energy, and this kind of condition, the appetite of people is very poor, basically don't want to eat, so I need a special kind of food to maintain physical strength, so energy bar became the first choice, and one of the best and most effective way to baode energy bar in the United States, it is the U. S. national team, triathlon, and China's mountaineering equipment necessary.
  4. Exercise < br /> don't the road cycling exercise don't choose the urban road as exercise site, because the car exhaust and dust on the movement of people great harm. When riding a bicycle, because the dose increased, cardiopulmonary function, if you can't avoid waste gas and dust, the passive inhalation of harmful gases will quickly spread throughout the body with the strengthening of cardiopulmonary function, and poison to body organs. In the short term make the person feels uncomfortable, dry cough. After a long time people will have a headache, feel sluggish. Long on the road cycling exercise, passive inhalation of fumes may cause lung disease. < br /> the women in menstrual cycle, because the body resistance is weak, so not suitable for polluted in the sport on the road. ( Camping tents] Summer sun is strong, and easy to heat stroke, also not suits to choose the road as the activity location.
  5. Protection equipment to complete ( Riding is important) < br /> because the helmet can effectively reduce the fall out of the car when the chance of a concussion, so the insurance regulation in cycling must wear a helmet, otherwise accident without compensation. But in our country, cyclists are rarely take note. < br /> in addition, often by bike with gear and knee, ankle, elbow pads and wristbands, can prevent a sprain, contusion injuries in traffic. If the bike as a motion to do, so must match all of these protective equipment. < br /> insurance expert suggests that cycling is a competing endurance sport, long distance cycling fatigue easily, cause an accident, hand in hand with the cycling must go slow, obey the traffic rules, exhaustion stopped to rest as far as possible, the long cycle ride best buy a sports insurance, or buy a accident insurance to ensure the security of cycling. < br /> note: outdoor cycling trip five outdoor cycling, outdoor travel and bike
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