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Outdoor bible: practical outdoor camping water method

by:Foerstine     2020-05-06
bible: practical outdoor camping goods camping water method time: 2011 - 11 - Author: 22 source: tent camping tents < p> unless you are in the big desert, otherwise the water looking for easy, water and plant generation is also everywhere, as long as you have a deep understanding of plants, and keen to identify and observation, pounded his hands are all available. First talk to ordinary water: < / p> < p> groundwater: everything from the thawed snow of mountains, streams and rainwater seeping into the underground, valley dips water, flowing out of mountain spring bolt, etc. , can be regarded as groundwater, such water availability, but must pay attention to disinfection. < / p> < p> the ground water: including muddy water, rain and dew, after its collection methods such as: muddy water: first to thatch production into a tapered about a foot or so long grass, cases into the filtration capacity, the water in the bottom of the containers, to filter several times, drinking after disinfection. Rainwater harvesting: when it rains, dig a hole in the big trunk, insert the bamboo tube, rainfall and flow along the tube, the bottom of the containers to you. < / p> < p> if no weapons excavated, available long cloth along the trunk, left foot about xu in the container, and rain along the ponchos article introduced. Dew collecting: using metal plates, outdoor camping goods place at night, stay when water condenses into a collection. < / p> < p> collection on the ground or available rocks dug a shallow pit three feet in diameter, it was a generation of canvas with stones on the move again in about three feet high V, the dew down the stone on the canvas, substitute the next day to remove stones, can get a 3 - 5c. C and disinfection of drinking. < / p> < p> in the ground and underground water are dried up, or when the unclean shall not drink the water, can be found in the plant with water, after its acquisition method: < / p> < p> the water tree, every tree leaves large, bulky size to have more fruit, tree hidden abundant water. With edge tool to dig a hole in the trunk, namely the water out. But must pay attention to and dig holes should be after the sun west fall, when the already dusk to get water. < / p> < p> water rattan, located in eight hundred meters is famous, wet areas. Cut the stem cutting a, namely mooring outflow water margin, after being flow, in about them about YiChe cutting for a period of years, the water is pouring. < / p> < p> a cactus: all kinds of cactus water cut, cut off the top, SAP flow out from the incision, and then mashed fruit shell fruit pulp to straw from SAP. But if the juice is milky white, do not drink, because of possible toxicity. < / p> < p> wild sugarcane: as long as the digging a hole in the trunk, water outflow. Can cut the branches to incision on the mouth drink, for its taste astringent, but if there is no other way, the wild banana water also is the best plant generation. < / p> < p> palm: this method to collect more time-consuming, cut down a tree trunk, cut to the top of the inclined on the floor, with a container collecting in the root, every eight hours to stem a, about a day can be five to eight water of cc. < / p> < p> bamboo, bamboo, hemp, bamboo, phyllostachys bambusoides as bulky and moso bamboo stalk is a little water, wind, dry cutting bamboo stem contains more amount of water, into the rain to take convenient, but must pay attention to cylinder in the inland waters no clean. < / p> < p> coconut: immature small coconut edible, the coconut fruit of mature, its SAP thirst of cool and refreshing and clinking. Can treat constipation digestive disease. < / p> < p> wild vegetable sponge: cutting the stems and roots, with container into the collection, or use the plastic bags wound incision, take back the next day, about available water of five to six cc. < / p> < p> another can also use animals due to the guidance of water, because of animals, there will be water around them. Secondly also should pay attention to whether water is clean, generally don't method is spit saliva surface, such as disperse can drink, if you do not come loose, the water will be unclean, must be disinfected rear can drink it. < / p> < p> common disinfection method: < / p> < p> boiling method. < / p> < p> iodine disinfection method: with tincture of iodine in the medicine cabinet to 1000 cc with 8. The proportion of 2%. < / p>
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