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Outdoor activities to be reckoned with in the sleeping bag correct use _ nanjing Foerstine outdoor note method

by:Foerstine     2020-05-01
Winter outdoor camping goods camping that what to pay attention to when using a sleeping bag? A better quality of first to prepare a dampproof mat, often camping knows, if the cold from underground to the back, that kind of cold is unbearable; When sleeping bag to keep warm enough to wear more clothes, or put the clothes and other items to cover on the sleeping bag, soft clothing such as a pullover can plug in a sleeping bag filled with sleeping bags and the gap between the human body; Generally speaking, the scale is given in ideal conditions, physical measure of good people, should pay attention to when choosing to buy this, should be conservative. of scale generally there are three points method: mark only one temperature, under normal circumstances, the scale is the limit of the sleeping bag temperature scale. If the temperature below the use, may produce risk, and this sleeping bag what is the real comfortable temperature, vary from person to person. With two temperature, normally, it is the limit of the sleeping bag scale and the highest scale ( Or extreme scale and comfortable temperature scale) 。 The highest scale generally refers to the normal use under the temperature will be too hot. With three temperature, namely the limit temperature scale, comfortable temperature scale and the highest temperature scale. You know what is the correct way of using the sleeping bag in the winter? Use sleeping bag, the general principle is: fire prevention, moistureproof, health, etc. Banning smoking in the sleeping bag and away from the fire. If be affected with damp be affected with damp or immediately drying or drying after use. 1, for the camping sleeping bag also buy a thin tank, when using down sleeping bag set inside, so even if the body is very dirty, dirty is the tank first, clean rise more convenient also. 2, for a better quality of sleeping bag is tie-in a dampproof mat used together, it is very important. Because due to pressure when the volume will narrow down sleeping bags, camping in the crushed under the body part will become very thin, if dampproof mat is too thin, cold from underground to the back, that cold is unbearable. 3, don't wear thick clothes into the bag, it is not warm, wear a long warm underwear into the sleeping bag to sleep in very comfortable, but remember not to wear cotton pajamas to sleep in a sleeping bag, if inside the sleeping bag is overheating, sweat wet cotton underwear, will be posted in the body is very uncomfortable. 4, slightly warm layers can be folded into the sleeping bag, in the second day won't feel cold, but don't put all the clothes into the bag, in does not affect sleep. See if the above method is introduced, have learned to the correct use of the sleeping bag, want to know more about sleeping bags, please pay attention to us!
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