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Outdoor activities need to guard against uv damage to the eyes

by:Foerstine     2020-05-02
activities need to guard against uv damage to the eyes time: 2011 - 10 - 08 < P> uv refers to between 200 nm to 400 nm wavelength of the sun's rays, reaching the earth's surface uv accounted for about 13% of the sun's rays, and more than 97% UVA, UVB accounted for 3%, UVC close to zero. < / P> < P> ultraviolet radiation to the human eye damage mainly depends on the wavelength of ultraviolet radiation, radiation time and strength and the strength of their own defense mechanism to the human eye. < / P> < P> the cornea and lens are the most common eye tissues by uv damage. < / P> < P> sunlight keratitis and corneal endothelial injury, daylight cataract is the most related eye diseases. < / P> < P> and uv rays has two prominent features: < / P> < P> a, uv damage accumulates. Due to the uv to visible light, people seldom intuitive feel. < / P> < P> 2, uv damage to the eyes is irreversible, is irreparable. Such as: cataract surgery can only with artificial lens instead. Eyes for a long time by the attacks can easily lead to damaged cornea and retina, lens opacity until a cataract, cause permanent eye damage. < / P> < P> due to ultraviolet radiation damage is invisible to the eyes, not immediately can feel it, if don't wear glasses at ordinary times don't feel particularly uncomfortable, just show your eyes to visible light is not very sensitive, and can't avoid ultraviolet harm. So to protect the eyes should always wear when outdoor camping goods have quality guarantee, the lens can be 100% uv protection glasses. < / P>
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