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Novice outdoor skiing to notice

by:Foerstine     2020-04-23
Time for new outdoor skiing to notice: 2012 - 06 - Source: 11 foer sting outdoor tent author: outdoor camping goods skills ( 1) Novice how to prevent in the snow, skiing when fall is inevitable if there are no special jacket, will fall after the snow from the ankle, wrist, the place such as drilling collar clothes, want to use a elastic their knee, a head in the upper ski boots, another head on the leg, can effectively prevent the ankle into the snow; With a pair of wide band nylon buckle elastic will ski gloves wrist tightly tied to live, can effectively prevent the wrist into the snow; In addition with a shawl collar and neck to fill the space between, can guarantee the snow will not enter the neckline, and still can have the effect of heat preservation.
  ( 2) Ski goggles choice: for the eyes to prevent the cold wind blowing, prevent ultraviolet burn of eye, the mirror can't fog, glasses should not face damage after the fall, so should choose full enclosed ski mirror, frame made of soft plastic, to stick close face, prevent into the wind; Skiers when choosing ski goggles with glasses, should choose to frame a heavy ski mirror, so that it can cover all eyes.
  ( 3) The protection of the skin, winter cold and dry, skin moisture loss under this conditions a lot, plus ski formed when the relative speed a lot of cold air stimulation to the skin and snow surface strong ultraviolet burns to the skin, is the main cause of skin damage, so can choose some oily, prevent moisture loss function is to protect skin to taste, then better with effect of uv protection, sunscreen on the skin with water resistance. Sunscreen can only be effective in a short time, so every once in a while ( General 2 hours) Just on exposed skin once, must not because the cloudy day without sunscreen, because when it's cloudy is still very strong ultraviolet ray. If you feel cold face incentives when skiing too much, can choose a head, eyes only add a fully enclosed ski mirror, can will face completely, can effectively prevent the cold wind of facial injury.
  ( 4) How to prevent frostbite: human frostbite mainly happens on the hands, feet, ears and other parts, so should choose heat preservation effect is good cashmere products or chemical fiber products for thermal insulation of the above parts. ( Camping tents]
  ( 5) How to choose to use underwear: when the body is in a state of movement, the body will sweat a lot. So when choosing lingerie, had better not cotton products, because good absorbent cotton products, when the body moving, cotton underwear absorb sweat, it is hard to play out in a short time, stick on the skin was cold and wet will also heat away on the skin surface, make the person produces the feeling of cold, at this time should be timely change of underwear. In addition, you can put a mesh nylon vest close-fitting wear, and then make out a stretch cotton vest, the body will discharge sweat through the nylon vest adsorption on the stretch vest, won't produce the cold feeling.
  ( 6) Also should pay attention to the following: 1, 2, save enough warm clothes, don't separate a person go skiing, avoid accident is unknown, and no one to rescue 3, do not slide out skiing ski, line 4, don't go out after drinking once ZuiWo outside, very prone to frostbite, will wear colourful clothing, so that can be found in time 6, go skiing to tell family members or friends where to go, go to a few people, when to come back, so that, when unexpected timely rescue. < br /> new outdoor skiing to notice tags: novice skiing, outdoor skiing, ski matters needing attention
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