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No marked road map should be how to go

by:Foerstine     2020-05-18
No mark on the map road should be how to walk time: 2011 - 08 - 30 < P> not recorded in the first, we introduce the map path includes the following: < / P> < P> after the map issue to finish the main road. This way, can be divided into new roads and due to open circuit impassability another walk two kinds. Usually this kind of the directional signs and other facilities along the roads are not perfect, the local drivers know best this way. Ask the way when asked a few more drivers, can determine one way can go. < / P> < P> path followed by the mountain wild shortcuts, these lane road signs are very rough so easy to neglect, or no marks, fork in the road is still a lot. Once into the lane, the in the mind is very easy to feel nervous, sometimes want to ask the way to find people to ask. The roads there are few perfect, even straight the cliff, through the wall, or through the dangerous areas. If don't want to risk, also does not have too big difference on the time, it is better to go the road. < / P> < P> there are some special route that is not marked on the map, once you go, sometimes even danger. These routes include: can only be used JiXueQi path. Unlike other road, a lot of difficult to climb, because winter is completely frozen, but easy to climb; Create a path for the rescue. < / P> < P> most of the way to the wall or valley, dangerous, and residual traces of the rescue, such as ring hook trace on the cliffs, etc. ; For the use of logging, or high tension line erection and other projects. Sometimes, the road repair well, easily confused with the road, however, the way most away from the normal route, and left a lot of lumber or engineering equipment, etc. If straying into the road, once found wrong, should be decided, resolutely turn back, don't try to be brave or have chances. < / P>
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