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No cooking utensils how to bake cooked food

by:Foerstine     2020-04-22
No cooking utensils how to cooked food cooking time: 2013 - 05 - 20 for the player is keen on outdoor, cooked food is one of the necessities of outdoor camping goods life. As is known to all, cooked food has the recuperate intestines and stomach, disinfection sterilization, nutrition, easy absorption characteristics. But in many cases, players tend to not do food cooking utensils, so had to change the habit of cooking food. Foer sting tell you some simple and effective method, players might as well try. Coals roast food < br /> root of plants, fish, birds, freshwater mussels and many other food, can be directly roasted over charcoal. Before baking, can be wrapped in a layer of clay first a layer of leaves or package and will never burn out food in this way. Adopting this method not only don't defeathering, don't have to go to internal organs, also need not blow fish scales, to fully cooked food, as long as the strip bag outside in the mud, the mud off his hair, scale. Fire cooking food < br /> the wild animals, fish, birds, small pieces of plant roots, the wear on the wet stick or twigs, directly on the fire roast. Hot steam stone < br /> this is the old 'clam bake steaming method', effect is good. Method is food with shell directly in the middle of the hot stones or stones and baking ( Some RouLiao with leaves or straw bag up) to the , and then covered with a layer of sand or dirt. After food well done, a pull open the content such as clams, oysters and opened its mouth and serve immediately. Pits baked food < br /> in the mud first dig a 30 ~ 40 cm deep pit, meat, eggs, root and shellfish food in the pit, the pit is put on the green leaves, grass or can keep the food clean cloth. And then in a small pit cover a 2 cm thick layer of sand or mud, put the fire in the above. But do not put meat in the pile of leaves to burn, it will produce smoky. Crock cooking < br /> do a earthen jars to cook food with mud, internal lining a layer of foil, and then to put in clean water and cooked food, add the hot stones, until the water is boiling. Cover with big leaves at least 1 hour, until completely cooked food.
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