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Nine kinds of risk in outdoor walking difficult roads through the method

by:Foerstine     2020-04-28
Nine kinds of risk in outdoor camping goods walking difficult road conditions through the methods of time: 2011 - 09 - 19 a, wooden bridge < / P> < P> < P> directly in the past, people is a bit like acrobats, footsteps across open with shoulder breadth, and eight outside walk, eyes to see the front one meter, step by step firmly on the bridge, walk quickly. If a bridge is not long, hurry up will be better than walking a little, as long as the balance will soon pass. If the player is more, to two people in the past. On both sides on a stream or two protection rope, the rope at both ends strain and Quan in a tree on the bank of the two can be bold. Met the female can be made by a guilty conscience men in the help, and help her backpack. < / P> < P> 2, gravel to < / P> < P> if there are other possible routes, should avoid as far as possible in the gravel walk. When in a gravel, sounding rocks first whether firm, to avoid stomping on the stones, so easy to lose balance and slipped or injured. < / P> < P> 3, plank road < / P> < P> the plank road here refers to some canyon on the edge of the narrow road, is a canyon wall, side is valley, only one person. Because people are carrying a backpack, if suddenly turned or squats, backpack often encounter rock themselves on the road, the dangerous. Accurate method is facing the wall slowly move sideways. < / P> < P> 4, crossing the river on foot < / P> < P> when a touch is not clear when the water depth, with a with their sticks in the former units of similar height. Encountered when the water than shallow knee, summer can trousers rolled up, slowly. Avoid barefoot, and don't take off their shoes to compare safety. When there is stone in the river to tread, want to choose dry rocks, the wet stone easy to slip and fall. And determine the stone is not easy to shake, and then shifts. Some stones easily moved, can cause fracture accident. Encountered when the water depth, don't risk crossing the river, consider detours, or other methods. < / P> < P> 5, rainy day to walk < / P> < P> rainy days the most headache is soil glue on the shoes, walk very difficult, but also easy to slip and fall. So walk to tie shoelaces, to avoid encounter mud stick shoes off. When climbing a hill in the mud had better use your son climb ( Prevent slippery effect) Or stick. If you can buy from local farmers sandals that is the best. < / P> < P> 6, ascent < / P> < P> step up to the nature, stride don't take too much. If your step to walk, the body will be shaking around, out of balance, to solid ground to walk step by step. Remember not to mention the knee is too high, make the most of the thigh muscle strength to ascend body; At the same time to avoid climbing trees or other plants, such as encounter a steep mountain road, should avoid steep climb, alternating best left to the right. Seven, '< / P> < P> < / P> < P>' general feel very easy, but if the damage original walking rhythmic, it is easy to fall injury. Don't run and jump, in particular, easily hurt yourself. Sophisticated people, always walking downhill, and tightly fasten shoelaces, to avoid toes hit the top, the injured finger. If the slope is too steep, can use zigzag down, or sideways. < / P> < P> eight shrub and grass < / P> < P> first should wear long sleeve shirts and pants, carefully observe the route and direction, avoid lost. Don't close in front of people, to avoid being injured by branches or vegetation rebound; Always keep an eye on the grass in the cave or stones, in order to avoid slip or wrestling, at the same time pay attention to the honeycomb or nest in the grass, using the branches through 蕀 thorn bushes, and knee step forward, to reduce the risk of snake insect invasion. < / P> < P> 9, a suspension bridge < / P> < P> about suspension bridge are more likely to sway, man is the best one by one, be sure to keep in mind not crowded, thank you for your cooperation. If there is a fear of heights, then don't look down the soles of rivers, try to look 100 meters in front of the body of the bridge; Don't change the speed of walking at the same time, have a rhythmic walked past. < / P>
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