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Newly bought down sleeping bag smell, smell to do _ nanjing Foerstine outdoor products

by:Foerstine     2020-04-22
Bought a down sleeping bag and found the smell has to go out, a few days did not fade, pretty disgusting, but usually we wear down jacket, and duck down why there is no smell, and this camping sleeping bag is, why don't you like? The kinds of feather: duck down, goose down. The insulation resistance, volume, etc. , the same amount of goose down than duck down; In addition, duck down have taste, goose down basic no taste, but the index doesn't matter, because sleeping bag with a long time, there will be such taste smelly foot. Goose down is a lot more expensive than duck down, high-grade down camping sleeping bag is goose down. Goose down and white goose down and grey goose down, in fact, both in terms of heat preservation and other key indicators, but the international market is more expensive than the white goose down grey goose down, so most people believe that white goose down better than the grey goose down, actually otherwise. Quick to remove odor down sleeping bags: open the bag feels it can also try to buy some activated carbon on the duck down sleeping bag inside, and then take a big bag sealed up, put a period of time. In addition to consulting businesses, listen to the explanation, look at is the feather smell or taste of fabric, the other is camping sleeping bag also have the same taste.
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