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Newcomers to participate in outdoor activities and equipment is introduced

by:Foerstine     2020-04-23
New people to participate in outdoor camping goods activities and equipment introduced time: 2011 - 09 - 21 < P> a necessary supplies, outdoor < / P> < P> the so-called necessary supplies, just as its name implies, is not lack of it. And, in the choose and buy is also recommended to use good. < / P> < P> 1, hiking boots < / P> < P> 2, backpack, backpack cover < / P> < P> 3, sleeping bag, plastic bags, plastic bags must take, no matter what the start is the weather. Cold or rain will die < / P> < P> 4, dampproof mat, really seen someone without, morning all crooked neck - a cold < / P> < P> 5, personal tableware: hook eye is done with branches of chopsticks, ha ha < / P> < P> 6, replace, clothing, socks, winter and summer seasons different clothing demand different, you should understand. Basic principle is: personal priority belt, the weather outside is just one < / P> < P> 7, emergency supplies, including compressed biscuits, a small bottle of water, emergency medicine. Needless to say, wizard now goofs off up the hill. One thousand had an accident, these things are useful. Know within two days will not starve, in the heart will be steadfast many. < / P> < P> 8, compass: whatever it is, in a word must have a < / P> < P> 9, lighting equipment: the head lamp, flashlight, bring enough spare battery < / P> < P> 2, recommend outdoor camping goods < / P> < P> it can go down, but it will be a lot of convenience. All these things are also not heavy, suggest or with the good. < / P> < P> 1, dampproof mat sets: external condom must take, if you put the bag at the < / P> < P> 2, short rope: can hang bag, can do simple protection, bundled plugin, instead of wind rope, air clothes, can build a stretcher case of emergency. Ten meters is enough, nylon rope, a few dollars < / P> < P> 3, multi-purpose tool knife: it should at least bring a knife, saws, tin opener. This one is RMB 125 in the Swiss army knife, full, each parts are also useful < / P> < P> 4, watches: outdoor use should be waterproof, had better be luminous. < / P> < P> 5, telescope: a little bit small, bright view point can, multiple don't have to be very high. Get lost when it soon came to the show, the benefits of RMB 50 or so < / P> < P> 6, a survival whistle: sound travels far as possible, sharp, close-fitting hang. A few dollars < / P> < P> 7, elastic bandage, can serve as a bandage, also can be as a joint protection appliances, such as knee, ankle, etc. But also useful to wipe, clean up the tent, tableware < / P> < P> 9, disinfectant wipes: used to clean, injury can cover the wound to prevent infection < / P> < P> 3, advanced equipment, < / P> < P> here things is not who have, is a luxury thing. But after having to have very great help to improve the quality of security, and activities. I not say the < / P> < P> 1, communications equipment: hand, walkie-talkie. Can guarantee internal communication, at least it's better to guide foreign < / P> < P> 2, positioning device, GPS, requiring users to geography has a deep understanding of the terrain and the rich knowledge, dot have a map or previous data would be even better. < / P> < P> there are the same, is more important than the above all, is the person's mind! The summary of the study as far as possible, as far as possible, accumulate experience is far more useful than some dogma; What's the use of familiar with their own equipment, how to use, more expensive than pay big money to buy something useful; Care plan, terrain, estimate speed, physical strength, time, more useful than crying after an accident. < / P> < P> all in all, climbing through the manual and equipment is the foundation of experience and technology is the deciding factor. < / P>
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