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New donkey outdoor knowledge: the purchase of equipment

by:Foerstine     2020-04-23
New donkey outdoor knowledge: time to buy equipment experience: 2011 - 08 - 05 < P> a, note < / P> < P> written this article shall not apply to the content of the economic conditions good donkey, economic conditions less pressed the donkey and the old donkey can skip this article. The purpose of writing this article is to help poor outdoor donkey happy thoughts, make the poor donkey in high spirits, feel better. < / P> < P> 2, absolutely don't think 'one pace reachs the designated position' < / P> < P> a archaeopteryx package 'ACME' or 'polar' is the price of package has more ten times, but not more comfortable than the cheap bag carrying on ten times. Good equipment means only for their own equipment, is the need for personal practice slowly understand, the price is not the same as the most expensive. < / P> < P> three, don't buy the highest-level, limit conditions applicable equipment < / P> < P> to limit region may not necessarily be the old donkey's patent, but certainly not the new donkey thinks a property. Pay higher than ordinary equipment several levels of money to buy equipment, limit and there is no chance to limit region, is a kind of waste. < / P> < P> 4, at the time of have a choice, not to buy the cheapest things < / P> < P> sometimes expensive expensive makes no sense, but cheap things at any time have it cheap. When you face a wide variety of storage shelves, all kinds of different colors of commodity, confused to choose, remember, don't buy that one kind of similar products in the cheapest. < / P> < P> 5, a list < / P> < P> before buying anything took out a piece of paper and write down your specific requirements for the equipment. Not less than three items, also not too much. Not cheap also perfect thing in the world, is to make a list and the quality of the compromise. Do you want to find something is accord with the condition that you want, at the same time have to sacrifice some expectations. Is sad, every time I listed the first condition is cheap. < / P> < P> six, don't talk < / P> < P> a novice must follow to the outdoors experience, you know what they want the limitations of equipment and their equipment. Even in very cheap. in go, at least back also experienced. < / P> < P> 7, anti-season purchase < / P> < P> autumn comes to buy fast drying, charge came to buy the clothes in summer, the price is cheaper. < / P> < P> eight, completes the physical reserves < / P> < P> fitness equipment, is that you can give yourself even before you take the first step in the outdoor, the only equipment. The weekend in bed or long time to stay up late at night only disrupt your internal body clock. Is your biological clock light control rather than the more sleep. If you often lie, then try to get up and down to the outdoor activities help exercise your body. < / P> < P> 100% of nine, don't pursue perfect < / P> < P> it is not possible in real life is perfect, not 100% breathable and waterproof clothing shoes. So try to achieve high standards is impossible in a waste of time. Instead, a custom practical goals and let nature take its course, this will make your life happier. < / P> < P> 10 and have fun < / P> < P> activity more, worry less about some equipment, and to go outdoors. Starting from the easy activities and will be your free time is special, have fun. . . — — It will make you more healthy, more contact with others and improve your overall technology level. < / P> < P> 11, don't care about the stand or fall of equipment < / P> < P> accept your equipment is better than the reality of others. Forced to prove that the glue is better than hiking shoes is unrealistic. As far as possible let your equipment is suitable for the activity is important, you want to go to if there is no suitable equipment, reduce the difficulty of the activity and the scope of activity is necessary. < / P> < P> 12, said 'no' < / P> < P> this is when you meet the expensive equipment when they don't continue to try to be brave. If this is an activity essential equipment, go to play other activities. If you abandon the essentials and forced to continue, you will be overwhelmed by equipment lost to depend on, exhausted, and become a victim. < / P> < P> 13, learn lessons from activity < / P> < P> including slip, a bad equipment, you do things too - — Learn lessons from the past and go forward, not always remind yourself to review these things, and let them down your passion for the outdoors. < / P> < P> 14, lease and buy can also < / P> < P> a lot of gear can be rented for outdoors stores. If you take part in outdoor camping goods activities, the frequency is not very high, or no idea what to buy, lease would be a good way to experience the outdoor equipment. < / P> < P> 15 and ask more question < / P> < P> activities in the process of communication with partners, in the same weather conditions are most likely to compare the performance of the equipment. If you can gain tens of dollars of equipment and hundreds of thousands of yuan, equipped with the same feeling, congratulations, the activity of your equipment can succeed, But this is unlikely) 。 < / P> < P> 16, self analysis < / P> < P> when go out back, should put himself all the way down to the feeling of the equipment, in order to analyze the gain and loss. Only in this way can improve our understanding of equipment. And communicate with others in the way of some accurate assessment of their own equipment. < / P>
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