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Mountain bike inappropriate long-distance outdoor travel

by:Foerstine     2020-05-10
Mountain bike inappropriate long-distance outdoor travel time: 2012 - 06 - Source: 06 foer sting outdoor tent author: outdoor skills more and more outdoor camping goods enthusiasts will be mountain bike is defined as the long distance trip. The idea is a great mistake. Wish you a 1st anew know after watching the cycling. < br /> bike as early as the beginning design of prototype is exercise bike can a ride up the mountain. With the development of science and technology, the frame Angle is more and more suitable for sports, from the dynamic design and parts collocation are designed in order to strive for faster time for the principle. So mountain bike ride losing certain comfort, comfort is the main reason for reducing the height of the handlebars, frame after * distance is relatively short. Then and play all the power of play, lean forward, reduce wind resistance to improve the speed of the car. So the mountain bike is mainly used for fitness! < br /> let's have a look at the long distance trip car < br /> is one of the earliest design concept long-distance trip car can have a comfortable to ride, and can load the car. < br /> the above from the design point of view, this car need to have strict requirements, the load-bearing and relative to other cars, require lower axial distance the distance of the ground, also is to lower the height of the chassis, thereby gaining the most stable control effect. In the design of handle bar above the point of view, it appeared with a variety of the vertical Angle adjustment, multiple control methods of the butterfly shape handlebar. The design of the < br /> in terms of weight, usually also use the thickening double aluminum alloy rim, former *, goods shelves with carry bag after shelf. A lot of people think there is no need to carry on the front * carry bag shelves, in fact, it is very wrong, with former carry bossing mainly to vehicle load balance. Just imagine. Behind the load is too large, when the ascent, it is easy to cause bike handlebar cock, [ Tent] Resulting in a rollover accident. Therefore, in terms of design, is paid more attention to the before and after weight balance. < br /> in frame Angle. Because of the influence of the load. Considering the cyclists body can't too high off the ground. And try to maintain the best handling control handlebar, which requires the rider body not before many, centre will remain on the ground at an Angle. Long distance outing car chassis design aspects of professional car beam design is relatively low, primarily to hop on and off in weight-bearing condition is convenient. Therefore, relative to the mountain, the long driving more have comfortable ride performance. < br /> mountain is a movement and use, a long outing car for long use, if you use a new mountain bike for long-distance trip car use, the end result is due to the load long distance cycling, will speed up your chances to the danger of driving fatigue. < br /> I hope you can understand the real purpose of the car, and don't cry because it is wrong to use on one's own body damage. < br /> I quite agree with a word, the right to ride a bike to ride a bike right are two different things. < br /> < br /> mountain bike inappropriate long-distance outdoor travel tags: mountain bike, outdoor travel, bicycle
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