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Lost contact with the rest of the squad in the outdoor

by:Foerstine     2020-05-13
Lost contact with the rest of the squad to do time in the outdoor: 2012 - 03 - Source: 21 tent author: when outdoor, outdoor camping goods knowledge in order to avoid separated from the other players, to take care of each other at ordinary times, avoid to act alone. At the same time, also want to consider one thousand fall behind leave in advance at the time of treatment. First of all, all the players must grasp the journey and the destination is determined, everything can not be appointed to the leader and his aimless only behind. Second, everyone must take map and [ Tent] The compass, kettle, food, and the necessary personal equipment such as lamps and lanterns is not can use three people share a kettle, in addition, prior to decide the destination and the scheduled arrival time, etc. One thousand leave and not easy to meet and players, if make sure it can continue to go to the destination, will be in accordance with the plan to move on, and for the team, to wait until more than scheduled time and when the players cannot reach the destination, should consider what to do next, is decided to send someone to find or stay put waiting, this kind of judgment should in accordance with their own experience and the conditions, such as: how everyone's physical condition, topography is complex, high risk is not high. < br /> when outdoors and lost the other players to do labels: outdoor camping goods, outdoor camping goods separated, outdoor knowledge
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