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Long distance cycling considerations and experience sharing

by:Foerstine     2020-04-16
Long distance cycling considerations and little time to experience sharing: 2011 - 12 - 06 source: camping tents, author: < p> as cycling enthusiasts camping tents, I also often take part in some outdoor camping goods long-distance riding, seen many high-end parts damaged during the journey, when the mixed car so it is important to note that the quality of the intensity of the first, second performance. < / p> < p> because many high-grade accessories is designed for the car, very light performance is very high, but may not be suitable for long-distance travel intensity, so may not be the fittings of the more expensive the better, as far as possible choose designed off-road accessories. < / p> < p> there are few domestic specially designed for the long journey of the car, the car to do some improvement after bought or add attachments, such as increasing the kettle frame, on the handlebars and horn, horn, reinforce the rack and so on. < / p> < p> the best try to ride for a period of time again, so that we can understand the performance of the car, you can also know where the car is the most vulnerable, so as to timely repair is ready for the journey. < / p> < p> here we need must gear on the bike travel long distances, and the matters needing attention. Basic skills: < / p> < p> tire repair, braking system adjustment, variable speed adjustment system. < / p> < p> advanced skills: rims adjustment, the chain breakout. < / p> < p> the counterpart in the companion had better have a proficient in vehicle maintenance, the best I can also learn the basic skills, journey may occur because of the many things, such as personnel far, each other can't help you. < / p> < p> necessary tools: screwdriver, pliers, wrenches, hexagonal combination, tire repair tools, pump, spare inner tube, as far as possible with combination tool, can reduce weight. Then take some screw nut, brake lines, transmission lines to spare, some different thickness of the wire will often help a lot. < / p> < p> the chain does not generally what's the problem, but if the long journey or with a stopper more insurance. < / p> < p> equipment: specially designed for bicycle bag has, since the luggage carry bag, hang bag, before the frame kits, saddle bags. These are not necessarily must have, but you can use them to bring a lot of convenience. And other related equipment, finger gloves, helmet, water bag, cycling jerseys, clock, etc. , these optional equipment as needed. With carry bag and former hang bag or among them the most practical. Journey < / p> < p> note: < / p> < p> the road may be a lot of accidents, in case of a flat tire, hide to heavy rain, plan can't keep up with changes. So the traffic condition of travel and accommodation conditions to have a certain understanding, so as to timely revised plan. If there is no detailed maps and sbent in Paris material can be continuously along the way. Must ask more, much more, because it often drivers and locals say no, quite different. < / p> < p> small riding experience: < / p> < p> when cycling, mouth contain some words plum, dried tangerine or orange peel and so on can alleviate the fatigue of the journey. < / p> < p> cycling energy consuming, bring some more hot food, if you want to enter the no man's land, can add energy to buy some brown sugar bubble water to drink. < / p> < p> the bicycle is the most prone to failure rack screws loose, tire, lashing involved in tires, change is not allowed. < / p> < p> have the car checked problem, calculate by 25 kg a vehicle to the railway station, don't bargain, you can open it with carton packaging, according to the actual weight to calculate. Can also be opened directly on the train, if enough luggage didn't overweight. < / p> < p> to xinjiang, qinghai, Tibet and other dry area, with a small lip balm can effectively prevent chapped lips. < / p> < p> must bring along a pair of lightweight sandals, wade creek, no slippers is hotel is very common. < / p> < p> take a piece of candle and point in the tent can save a lot of flashlight batteries. < / p> < p> with a small bottle of oil an old toothbrush, keep the chain and gear lubrication can not only protect a bike, ride up also more at ease. < / p> < p> everywhere for a pair of work gloves, to keep warm, cold repair vehicles, cooking fires can come in handy. < / p> < p> one thousand hit the road at night, on the other side of the car headlights very dreamy eyes, that I can't see the road is very dangerous, a hat have eaves can be helpful for you. < / p>
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