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Knowledge to a new outdoor tent

by:Foerstine     2020-05-14
Time for new outdoor tent knowledge: 2011 - 10 - 25 source: tent author: < p> tents outdoor tent? I don't know what's it like in tents, which is probably hide packages or is in tents in the military class, I'm sure I won't back, so I just took a large piece of plastic sheeting, night into 'yao' glyph, side used to block rain, side with moistureproof mat. Curling up and over the two nights, the feeling of excitement is unforgettable all one. < / p> < p> the second tent is girlfriend to sew, triangle, there is a plastic base, two head hanging in a tree, too warm. From this shows how the secondary equipment is on the other hand, the content is the most important. < / p> < p> a lot of people now is impossible to have such a feeling, own sewing? You must feel very soil, TheNorthFace is what you want, so, I will talk about the tents of choose and buy a little experience. < / p> < p> is more popular in the 80 s 'gas', tent frame is 10 cm diameter of pipeline, after filling with respect to OK. During an inspection, lost in the marshes, the tent should take in the mud, rain and water proofing property is than the enemy. Last year was also saw a British expedition is still in use. < / p> < p> in the 90 s, see the most is the metal material of scaffolding. Shape of a triangle, ger, covered, snails in a few. < / p> < p> in general, the triangle is the most ancient style, but tend to be heavy. The most common ger. < / p> < p> when choosing ger, best to put my tent, observe the tents are there any special mechanical parts, each part is mainly refers to shed layout department not to be too nervous, force, good tent is should each part of the uniform stress. Stitches should be pressed glue, you gently fold the stitching, can see the stitching part feel pressure glue. This is very important, otherwise will by the eye of a needle into rain. < / p> < p> in the rain, two layer is more reliable than single. Mainly pay attention to work, you should carefully select pins, like a woman seams. To imagine, if a drop of rain water has been flowing to the ground from the top, will accumulate elsewhere, if this is the case, even if it is a good material, may be water seepage. For tent, the first thing to do is going to rain. < / p> < p> to the bottom of the tent, was generally more similar to the 'bag', 'PU paint', see more at low-end products. The moisture resistance is very good, only after repeated folding, some parts will be damaged, is more heavier, attention should be paid to save. < / p> < p> the other is similar to the bottom of the 'Oxford', after repeated folding are less likely to be damaged, but many cannot afford the osmotic pressure, which is sleep in the damp places, bottom surges, pay special attention. Maybe I won't agree with this view a lot of people. Account is the main force of rain outside, high density, good has the coating, but are more expensive. < / p> < p> or use Gore - Tex and other * * Tex materials, are more expensive. If the account is to be able to to the ground, there is a little skirt, it would be better to rely on account of the air inside and outside, form the insulating layer, also have certain heat preservation effect. As if there is a kind of fabric are 'uv', really ridiculous! Not to mention whether really has that function, we come out, don't want is ultraviolet (uv)? < / p> < p> wind resistance, it is probably the bar, the lower the tent, the more the better, that is why 'alpine tent' is always small and low, is in commonly 100 - Around 120 cm. < / p> < p> vendors usually put the tent is divided into three seasons and the four seasons. I don't think it is the performance indicators, also not necessarily can fully show purposes. < / p> < p> because of the distinction between the top of the tent is a professional. < / p> < p> the top of the mountain tents are often single, permeability is good, in order to avoid human breath in the lining of the condensed water droplets. And rain sex is not the best, it takes into account the environment because the snow is more, less rain. < / p> < p> top of wetland tents, tents are like 'inflatable boat materials', I also don't know the specific materials. Has a top, and small Japan joint investigation meters west, then in the country to a Chinese famous explorer, dedicated to the ROM is not anchored. < / p> < p> my suggestion is that, if you are a junior player, just buy a 300 - Around 500 double tents, can be the size of 200 * 200, can have more people and you. If you want to be able to go out often, you buy a pair of 150 * 220, compare light, also can bring your girlfriend and enough. < / p> < p> if you want to 'one pace reachs the designated position', I don't think can do it, no matter from the use and quality. I now use of alpine tent about 12000 RMB, is in a Swiss mountaineering activities sponsored, it is hard to do with personal income. < / p> < p> it is important to the nature, exercise our body and spirit. That is the soul of outdoor camping goods sports, I am opposed to the pursuit of brand, the concept of city into the sports activities, even TheNorthFace this brand that I mentioned, it is just a brand of outdoor products, also with a critical eye, also not enough professional. < / p> < p> an outdoor camping goods camping, specially prepared should meet the needs of 1000 2000 yuan should be advanced. If you have more budget, you can buy a pair of 50 - 60 meters of mountaineering, perhaps in danger can be used. < / p> < p> I still don't think shopping will allow you to be happy in the outdoor sports. Always remember, you now spend a large sum of money to buy you something not to use it, five years later they became a pile of junk. You and buy a big deal. A madman said to me, the best polar gloves are wearing to be able to pick up a button, do you need? < / p>
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