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Knowledge - Tent waterproof problems

by:Foerstine     2020-04-19
Knowledge - Tent waterproof question time: 2011 - 11 - 07 source: tent author: < p> you should all know camping tents, tent is one of the main equipment when outdoors, a tent if cannot very good waterproof, it is very bad. We now from the tents of the main waterproof index analysis tent waterproof. < / p> < p> tent waterproof indicators in MM ( Mm) , it turns out that in a tent factory there is a determination of tent fabrics waterproof one instrument, the tent of the small sample clip to a diameter of about 7 cm on the image of a garden suite, the lower part of the suite is a system, the water can be pressurized by the method of electric water pressure, in order to determine how the water pressure to the water through the tent fabric, with the increasing of pressure, the first drop of water through the tent samples soon, the pressure is not the final result, have to wait until the third drop of broke through the tent fabric samples, then the pressure value is the final result. As if the pressure value is 1600 mm, then explains the tent with 1600 mm waterproof ability. The 1600 mm is the equivalent of one metre six high water pressure to the water had penetrated the tent fabric. < / p> < p> if you know the general definition of waterproof performance, I can tell you, now generally ski-wear, waterproof capacity can reach more than 2000 mm, we usually used in waterproof bag waterproof capacity is 10000 mm. For evaluating the waterproof ability of millimeters, definition of clothing also apply. < / p>
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