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Knowledge: outdoor first-aid 13 kinds of tools

by:Foerstine     2020-04-28
13 kind of tool of knowledge: outdoor camping goods first-aid time: 2011 - 11 - Author: 22 source: tent camping tents < p> a, box: < / p> < p> choose a best aluminum or stainless steel lunch box. Because lunch box itself can be used for heating, water or snow, can play a role. Although light plastic box, but can't heating, use is limited. At the same time, the lunch box of metal cover can be used as a mirror, a critical moment can sent a distress signal. < / p> < p> 2, tool knife: < / p> < p> in the field with a versatile tool knife is absolutely necessary. Although doesn't have to use a similar rambo in the jungle combat knife, but the Swiss army dao is indispensable. It in addition to the integration of the conventional small dao, screwdriver, scissors, and saw, screwdriver, file, etc. , even with a magnifying glass! < / p> < p> three, sewing kit: < / p> < p> in both of the red army long march s modern army, sewing kit has been the army essentials in the wild. Modern sewing kit function is, of course, is not only the original pure filleted, needle can not only things, more can sometimes turn into hook, improving food, and even help ( Of course, you have to at least sewing kit of match two fishing line) 。 < / p> < p> 4, matches: < / p> < p> in the wild, the fire is almost everything. Take wind proof match is very important, but if you can't buy such a match, also can DIY. Method is very simple, first melt candle, evenly coated on the ordinary matches, when using, wax removal of a match head. In order to better play our DIY matches 'powerful' windproof and waterproof function, you can put them inside the empty magazine. Phosphorus skin ( Is a match with) And never forget, otherwise there is no use our DIY. < / p> < p> 5, candles: < / p> < p> a section of the candle in the wild is absolutely useful. Your flashlight, head lamp and other modern lighting, decoration and become as the battery runs out. The candle will display the 'hero'. Candles in addition to the light, can also warm and firing. If you make a water bottle at the bottom of the cut out a chimney, you will have a field using the wind light, its 'power' is enough big, work efficiency is also improved. < / p> < p> 6, survival whistle: < / p> < p> is generally whistle, but in the wild, the role of a whistle is not just on the pitch to blow the whistle. Now it may save your life. When you are in distress, can draw in relief with whistle, or scare a few little beast. < / p> < p> 7, aluminum film: < / p> < p> this is a 2 x2 meters aluminum plating film, which has two kinds of gold and silver. It not only can wind rain, also can make one up the arbor, prevent direct sunlight. In cold areas, you can use it wrapped himself, maintain body temperature. Aluminum film is the biggest role can glance, that rescuers can find you in a timely manner. At ordinary times can lay it on the ground and the use of seats. < / p> < p> ones: < / p> < p> even if you bring the GPS, you watch with electronic compass, some of the original ones is indispensable. In the wild, who are unable to guarantee the advanced equipment is not wrong, at this point, the little ones can help you find your way home. < / p> < p> 9, medical tape: < / p> < p> don't look down upon any a small thing, it is the fastest repairing adhesive. When you coat cut were broken, tents, it shows the role of. Although it is the basic function of paste, gauze, but a little play to your imagination, you can find it will use much more. < / p> < p> 10, dovetail clamps: < / p> < p> although it is very common office supplies, but in the wild, it can play a role in a lot of unexpected circumstances. Although we don't want to let it play a role, but for a few more, may be useful. < / p> < p> 11, pencil: < / p> < p> want to write something in the wild, what kind of pen? Parker? No, the most expensive is not necessarily the best. Wild harsh environment, makes the pencil to be our best choice, is the only choice. Suggest to choose more than 2 b pencils. Twelve, paper < / p> < p> : < / p> < p> it is best that is something, if it is white is better. < / p> < p> 13, a few bottles: < / p> < p> put salt, fruit, vitamin C, respectively. These small food may be life-saving medicine at moments of crisis. < / p> < p> in the end, I suggest you in first-aid box combined with a waterproof bag. < / p>
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